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Get to the next quest. It was simple, really. In writing, anyway. Go to Cloudshaven. To get there… she was going to have to trek through high level areas. It was… it was an interesting challenge, to say the least.

Circe had been rather enjoying herself playing the game she had lived in. It was… different as a player. There was so much more variety. To be able to see this world as it was… to be able to enjoy it… she had never even imagined that she would be playing such a game and yet, there she was! Grinding for levels in jobs (it helped, of course, that she had already max-leveled Alchemy as part of her NPC coding - at least that didn’t go away when she gained sentience within Dream-Online), crafting new equipment for herself, exploring the world and finding all sorts of interesting treasures…

To some, Dream-Online was the newest and most technologically advanced MMO. To Circe… this was her world. Her life. Her home, in many ways. Getting to experience it like this… it was an opportunity she was glad to have! Even if it involved a lot of grinding and silly tasks… like gathering eggs and killing slime creatures. She had managed to level herself up and craft decent equipment, now - she was level 25, and that was not a particularly easy feat! It helped, of course, that she had a good store of potions and poultices at her fingertips, but, still, it was an achievement she could be proud of!

First she was going to have to venture through the desert. That was fine, she was of the right level for that. Then, onto the Mire Woods… which was level 50-60? Oh dear. She wasn’t nearly high enough level for that. But… it was a challenge, wasn’t it? And how was Circe supposed to say no to a challenge? If she took enough potions, surely she would be able to simply run through the area and onto Cloudshaven, no problem. It would be easier than grinding for another 25 levels, anyway… and she thought it might actually be fun!

With her bags packed with provisions, potions, and poultices… Circe was ready to head out to the desert. She hadn’t been there yet, and it seemed like a good place to go anyway - levels to get in and all of that. She was only five levels above the minimum for it, so if she could engage some mobs on the way through, it would be very beneficial!

She was rather prepared for the heat debuff. Alchemy was a real boon to have, she had discovered. A nice heat resistant poultice, and she was good to go. Of course, some of the damage still cut through, so she was going to have to dip into her potion supply if she wanted to make it through both the desert and the Mire Woods to get to Cloudshaven… this was going to prove to be a challenge, wasn’t it? Oh well. At least she’d get a few levels in.

Word Count: 511
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