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His armour was complete. It wasn’t the scale armour that he had dreamed of… but it would do better than the starter armour he had been wearing. Bitter had even managed to craft it in a dark colour, with added spikes! The spikes were mostly stuck on with a bit of glue, but from a distance they sure did look cool. Maybe he’d look scary enough that the mobs would avoid him… he could hope, right?

It turned out, however, that that wasn’t the extent of it. Just crafting his heavy armour and a maul wasn’t enough. You needed trinkets and enchanted jewels to embed in the sockets… and, you guessed it, they were being sold for exorbitant amounts on the marketplace. This stupid MMO had a stupid learning curve and it was frustrating!

There was only one thing to do, as per usual. Make them himself.

He didn’t love the idea of crafting jewels and jewelry - or of enchanting them himself - but… if he was going to be tough and impressive and beat off the monsters out there in the wilds while looking cool and not getting hurt… he could bring himself to do it.

The first step was gathering the materials. Unlike alchemy, they were a little harder to find. It involved hitting some rocks with his maul to break them (they were surprisingly sturdy for starting area rocks) and then gathering up the pieces and hoping there was a gem or two there.

The worst part was discovering that friendly fire was absolutely a thing in this game. In one swing at the rock, he overshot the arc of his swing and his maul connected with one foot. Bitter howled in anger, logging off immediately - and forgetting to gather the bright red gems that had popped out of the rock.

Word Count: 303

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Somehow I'm not surprised he's a rage quitter. >W<

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i just had this feeling...