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There was… a secret side to Bitter. The real, true Bitter. Oh sure, he put on a tough, brash, rude act… but when there was an actual threat? Well, he much prefered to tuck tail and run. The foes out in the combat zones of Dream-Online… they were a lot tougher than he had thought they would be, even with the handful of potions he had been able to craft for himself. No matter how many potions you had, it wasn’t going to increase your chances of being able to one hit KO a stupid slime creature.

“Who is selling this garbage?!” he yelled at the marketplace board, frustration seeping into his voice. Armour and weapons were even more outrageously priced than potions! Was he going to have to make this himself, too? What a rip off this game was turning out to be! Nothing but a big timesink!

But he wasn’t going to quit and give up. Not when people would know he had done that. And that was why Bitter resigned himself to learning a new crafting job in this stupid, ridiculous MMO.

What he wanted was a nice set of heavy armour. Something made of shiny, dark steel that would look cool and tough… and protect him from the ridiculous violent trash mobs out there. Safety… that would be good. And a big sword! Or a hammer! Something he could use to crush everything that came at him in one hit, so he’d never even have to risk getting hurt! That sounded like an excellent plan, he thought…

It was unfortunate that it was another skill that one had to grind for. His first attempt at armour was a flimsy chainmail thing that he doubted would fit even the smallest of Stygians. His experience bar crept forward a minimal amount, and it was more than likely that the entire starter town heard his aggravated shouts.

Word Count: 318

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Kekekekeke- maybe Bitter should seek out some help in the future lol... (def not hinting at Circe)