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Who was setting the prices in the marketplace for this stupid game? A healing potion for HOW much? Disgusting. He was getting beaten up out there by low level slimes and goblins (okay, so, maybe he wasn’t getting beaten up. Maybe he was running away when it was looking like he couldn’t just one hit KO his enemies) and he needed those potions! This stupid MMO was unfair to newbies. How was he going to get ahead like this?

In all honesty, Bitter had tripped on the book. That was how he had found the worn copy of ALCHEMY FOR DUMMIES - it had nearly sent him flying. “Who the hell leaves a book out in the open?” he yelled, but his angry barking got no response from the NPCs around him. Continuing to mutter angrily, he picked up the book. He wasn’t much of a reader, but… Alchemy for Dummies? How weird that that would solve the exact problem he was having at that very moment.

Aha, there was even a healing potion. And a… a cure for dysentery? Maybe? Was he going to get dysentery in this stupid game? What the - ?!

That was a question for later. But if it came to getting dysentery… he was just going to give up this stupid game. Nothing was worth that.

The herbs required for the healing potions were easy enough to find. You couldn’t go anywhere in the starting forest zone without finding them, and you didn’t even have to sneak past low level mobs in order to acquire them. It was… it was the making the potions that was the hard part. Bitter was no alchemist. He didn’t waste his time with stupid stuff like that.

Which… was probably why the first potion blew up in his face.

Word Count: 298

For @Citrusssss

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Ah yes. Explosive potions to match his explosive temper LOL