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This side quest had to be even stupider than the last one. Chasing Treats around the town for a crying baby of a Stygian was one thing. It was your regular fetch quest. But a fashion show? Dumb. But… Bitter did need to get ahead in this game, so he was going to do all the stupid side quest grinding that he needed to do (which, it seemed like, was going to be a lot). So… fashion show it was.

Now, Bitter was, by no means, a fashion expert. He wasn’t up on the current trends, or what might be the trends in this so far incredibly tedious MMO. He didn’t make his own clothes - what a waste of time that would be! So… sewing and pulling something together was going to take a little thought. That being said… if anyone were to ask the Stygian, he would say he certainly had a decent sense of style. Leather, spikes, anything that looked… well, cool. That was his go to choice.

And it seemed there were fabrics and accessories that would work well for that. He supposed he shouldn’t have been surprised - leather? In an MMO? Of course.

If anyone asked Bitter, he would never admit that he put work into this stupid fashion show side quest. Never. Never ever. But… if anyone had been sneaky enough to watch him work on his outfit in the tent, it would have been incredibly obvious just how much effort he was putting in. A bead of sweat at his temple, sticking out his tongue in concentration…

The final product wasn’t, exactly, a masterpiece. But, he decided, it was definitely cool.

So when he came in last place in the fashion show side quest, he wasn’t entirely pleased.

“Stupid judges wouldn’t know fashion if it came up and bit them on the -”

Word Count: 308

For @Citrusssss

© 2021 arlinns
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OH NOOOO I knew he was gonna bomb XP good try tho