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Dish Served Cold

My idea about “Dish Served Cold” mainly comes from violence and its popularity linked to the media, mainly social media. In many forms, the violence represented by the media is enjoyed by the whole world, and whether the response is negative or positive, it is making profit out of people’s interest in it and slowly warping the point of view toward violence.

As a school project for making a Photo Montage Book Cover, I originally had the idea of making a book about women murder case in Asia, but then as I do my research, I had a change of mind because there is a deeper problem about murder that we are actually facing globally : Murder in Social Media. A lot of gore clips are released and reach million views, a lot of comments voice their opinion on each cases. Facebook suicide or murder live streams become extremely popular nowadays. Strangely, the comments justify the violence or murder a lot, because the violence represents their revenge, for example : spouse betrayal. (“Hmp! That’s what she get for being a third wheel!”)

I find this is an interesting topic because, by justifying it, people are actually mixed up by their own revenge and justice. Not only literal violence, shaming people in social media or any media is unconsciously also a form of “murder”. People are killing their character, their image, their reputation, and in some cases, actually leading them to kill themselves.

City background and knifes represents that many cases are happening near us, it is domestic and hidden. The woman on dish represent the case itself. The ink blood on white table represent the blood, but I want it not to be gory because it will frighten people from checking or buying the book. The hand represent the victim, woman silhouette with newspaper represents the people.And the blue background of blurred media screenshots represents the medias. The reason I use blue is because most social media use blue color (Facebook and Twitter), some books references I looked up use many blue in their theme about murder, and also, I tried red color but it turned out to be so gory and scary, and looked like a poster, therefore I changed it to blue.

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