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Trekking at Mount Drakensang

My entry for epicgenerator's Opposites Contest. You had a splendid idea, Sade!

The purpose is to promote ePIC Generator, a handy application for PC, Android and iPad. It relies on the classic doll dress-up concept, but outruns any generator I've tried so far. It is a great tool for roleplayers, authors out of straightforward ideas about the next character and people who enjoy creating OCs :). The goal was to create a pair of PCs - playable characters - who are each other's opposites. Thus here go Leeshka and Marilumee. The first one, according to TDE rules, is a charlatan by profession (what places Leeshka somewhere in between rogue and mage classes) who dropped out of Pentagram Academy of Rashdul for gambling the other students (and a few teachers...) of their last underwear. I suspect there are a few drop of goblin blood in her veins as she's bold, mischievous, resourceful and has a knack for shiny, even though useless, objects. A few spells of hers are quite uncommon among humans, but goblin shamans do use them, so the suspections aren't without a reason! Leeshka is boisterous and outgoing (sometimes even slightly flirtacious), but thanks to her fiery temper, quite easy to anger, don't go round her if you're cross with her, she can be very dangerous with her daggers and a handy crossbow (or even a nasty Ignisphaero...). She's got a smilodon companion Fang (don't ask me how she obtained him, she won't utter a word, thus she must have fiddled in less legal activities to get him).

On another hand, Marilumee is a healing mage, although she can also cast much more offensive spells that you'd suspect by her profession, especially tempest-related like Thunderbolt, Corpofrigo Cold Shock, Aerofugo Vacuum and Culminatio Bolt of Lightning. She's also outstandingly good at performing powerful summonings. She is a total opposite of Leeshka, being very shy, introvert and calm. She's highly educated and intelligent, having graduated from Academy of Donnerbach. While Leeshka is very (over)excitable, Mari's always looking three steps ahead. She gets along with animals, old people and children (in this order) very well. While she is the one to sort all problems with diplomacy, if things really get tough, her bow, short sword and, most importantly, magic lore help her keep Leeshka more or less out of trouble. She's got a mare called Cyan, who's the more talkative of the two.

Both girls are like fire and water, but the friendship is strong and well-maintained. The photomanipulation is a kind of a "selfie duckface" as somebody told me at Mount Drakensang. Thanks to stock providers and Sade, your programme is fantastic!

Trees by BrokenWing3dStock
Rocks by zememz
Background by indigodeep
Smilodon by epicgenerator
Horse by epicgenerator
Models by Arlesienne made with ePIC Generator
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© 2014 - 2021 Arlesienne
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Great manip and fantastic story and history on the two beauties and their animals.
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I'm very glad you like it :). By all means, check ePIC out.
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I will try it out!!!
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Drop your comments at epicgenerator's profile, that would mean a lot to us :).
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I Just dropped them a line!!!
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Fantastic, have fun!
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This is very cool, the dreadlocked beauty could come in handy. The beauty in the blue dress could be used in a fantasy based book cover or so.
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You can make them on your own within minutes, I used what comes free with ePIC. I highly recommend trying it out, it's very nice. Feel free to download it and even browse epicgenerator for more information :).
EthericDezigns's avatar
I will look into this, as soon as I can. Thanks! :D
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how cool! i love their story!
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Thank you so much, it means a lot to me :).
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Thank you a lot, you should check out the programme :).
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