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The City Lasts

This photomanipulation probably took me the longest to complete.

Like several hours at best. All painstakingly recoloured, some rendered by myself (the humans :D), the others gathered and used courtesy of the lovely stock providers. They never cease to amaze me.

I have a surprise for all the people who spot six Easter-eggs I hid there. Try your luck.

It is not like there is no life after T4. The story - well, I won't spoil the plot, but what I intended to portray is that it's a living organism that seems to never end. It strongly resembles a coral reef - built layer upon layer, dead parts sustaining the living ones. It reorganises, but it doesn't fade away with the storm. To all those who feel something has changed with the rise of T4 - fret not: no, it hasn't. The City will relieve itself of all the things we, the fandom, dislike - and it will continue to grow.

However, I strongly advise you to HELP IT. How? By creating fanart and being active. It is that simple - and complex at the very same time, just like everything in the City ;). Look who has already added their bricks to the wall of fame around Old Quarter!

Taffing feature!Hi all,
a taffing feature in no strict order, I just copied the thumbnails as I found them. Remember to congratulate the authors and read the following journal entry to get a lovely taffing gift please:

And now the works themselves...
Out of the Shadows by JarwisGarrett Praying by Liquid-SkinThief - Arrow by OctorinTHIEF vintage book cover by dominuselfacolyte in training by idlanier10

Sky by KiwiRose-Stock
Architecture pieces (too many to list them separately) by CHEYENNE75, HBKerr, Alegion-stock, Jumpfer-Stock, Pewter7
Brick texture by CG-Textures
Plants by CHEYENNE75, zememz, justalittleknotty, gd08, Margaritamorrigan, Shinikami1
Cart by CHEYENNE75
Signs by DoloresMinette, Cyborgerotica
Crates by CHEYENNE75
Floor by zememz
Vase by CHEYENNE75
Woodpile by CHEYENNE75
Torch by Stick-1969 (retired, therefore hosted by CHEYENNE75)
Window by CHEYENNE75
Door by
Birds by EveLivesey, zememz
Rat by Moonglowlilly
Cats by zememz, BeilArt (retired)
Two hidden renders by me (I won't tell you which ones until you find the Easter-eggs, at least two of them)

PS The file is huge, 4625x2410. Frankly, I have no idea on how long it's going to take it to download onto your machine, but you won't notice some details until you check it using fullsize option. Yes, you CAN use it as a PRIVATE wallpaper, meaning choosing it as a background for your PC is okay, just let me know. It will make me very happy.
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A mighty collage! Looks like an interesting environment to explore.
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I'm head-over-heels in Thief, so I can't express how marvellous the storytelling is. You'd have to play the games yourself (and frankly, all three parts are insanely cheap, I really wonder why). I can always suggest trying out the free, standalone The Dark Mod, it has a very similar atmosphere as it's developed by fans and, although the names aren't used to be on the safe side of the copyright, takes place in the same universe. If you'd like me to tell you more about the game, just drop me a note, I'd be honoured.
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Really? Thank you so much, Driyad, you know how important your opinion is to me :hug:...
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Yeah, really! ^_^ You are most welcome and thank you very much. Likewise. :hug:
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Excellent scene.  Great work.  
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I cannot express how glad I am to hear you enjoy it! You made my day, thank you very much :boogie:. But I would have never succeeded if it hadn't been for the stock providers, so many thanks to them for letting me take advantage of their resources :w00t:.
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Burrick! Dark Brotherhood hands on posters! Rooftop Garrett!

I found just half of them :C I was suspecting some guards on balconies fighting over their lady's manners xD
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My dear, I knew I can count on you!!! Off to send you your surprise :glomp:!!!
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