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Tell the Difference

They say a new year should be begun with something relaxing and positive, so here, have some Solas silliness. I am surprised it has not already been done before, the pun is so lame it should be prominently featured all around Reddit. Surprisingly I could not find any, so, heeding a friendly request, this... thing... makes it to the public part of my gallery. Playing on my literary workshops, comparative writing of the (in)famous apostate hobo.

Err, unwashed apostate hobo, to quote Vivienne. Now put your pitchforks away and don't kill me for that, pretty please.

It's not supposed to be pretty or somewhat artistic. It more or less shows how I (or, more accurately, fail to) keep track of things. Notes, drabbles, doodles, charts, that is! You are supposed to read it the Western way, that is from top to the bottom and from left to right. If you bear with me through this abomination, you might even learn a few things about eggs. Who knows.

I guess I could make more stuff like that. With the amount of books I absorb and DAO fanfiction I am forced to swallow, I'd never run out of material for satire.

"The thing is, I like living".

Credits with due thanks to the stock providers, without whose help it wouldn't have been possible:

Solas's screenshot by BioWare (okay, that one was shamelessly obvious)
Notebook texture by Nicholas Raymond (somadjinn) - from
Ticket by Nicholas Raymond (somadjinn) - from
Adhesive bandage by Nicholas Raymond (somadjinn) - from
Sticky note texture by gamblingwithsouls
Egg by KarahRobinson-Art
Drawing pins by Microsoft Images (from my MS Office subscription)
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EverildWolfden's avatar
*Collapses laughing*  I love it!  
Arlesienne's avatar
You honestly have no idea how dear this comment is to me. Normally, when I see any activity on this, I expect torches and pitchworks. But several friends wished to have a harmless joke of mine make it to DA and so I took the risks.
EverildWolfden's avatar
Aw, you're welcome!  I love Solas, and Dragon Age, and that made me laugh!  Ignore the haters, they obviously have no sense of humour! :p
Arlesienne's avatar
Thank you so much!
Hashiara's avatar
You are my hero for making this.
This is PRECISELY what I was thinking every time the unwashed apostate hobo showed his face. He is a strong independent egg wolf.
Arlesienne's avatar
...Honestly? No flaming torches and sharpened pitchforks for the heathen?

Thank you endlessly!

It means a lot to me to see I'm not the only one getting, ah, certain opinions on some of BioWare's recent moves. Does it mean you are Dragon Aged too?
Hashiara's avatar
No way! How about a hug instead?

Indeed I think I know what you mean by those recent moves of BioWare. Maybe they include the word DLC?  :T
And why yes I've played all three games! Origins and II on ps3 and Inquisition on PC, plus right now on my table there's DA:I's artbook haha. Is that sufficient to be Dragon Aged? :D (Big Grin) 
Arlesienne's avatar
A hug...?

And now you have just got a melted puddle. Arlesienne-flavoured :blush:.

You definitely are Dragon Aged and that's just another reason to rejoice :]. Indeed, DLC is included among those not always favourable opinions. It's not just the bucketload of problems with buying DAI and then discovering you received a wrong language version... and calling EA through the entire week of their support policy for orders to no avail. Not even the fact we no longer have a status bar for companions' approval, or the bunch of resource-gathering in DAI (nice for sightseeing though). I think the main thing is how many people were fairly heartbroken over Trespasser. I narrowly escaped the desire to share a short comic of my inane "support" to one of the unlucky Lavellans who fell for Egghead and then were left out in the dark. It went about this way...
Lavellan's creator: ...And not only did the jerk walk out on me, now he will destroy the world! Can you imagine? The ENTIRE WORLD! What can we do? We are DOOMED!!!
Me: Oh, you don't have to worry so much.
LC: :o?
Me: Not at all, in fact.
LC: ...Elaborate please.
Me: He won't destroy Thedas. It would be effectively killing a hen laying golden eggs. If BioWare had Solas destroy Thedas, the entire franchise would be cut off. It's simply not worth the trouble if you have a thriving universe, trust me. He will just show up in DA4 and whatever quantity of DLCs they decide to issue, rest assured.

I am truly hopeless.
Niksche's avatar
:rofl: :lmao: :giggle: :lol: Thanks, I needed a giggle! :D
Arlesienne's avatar
O fair Warden mother, I am humbled and beseech thee to continue giggling :bow:!
Arlesienne's avatar
It would be twice as nice if I could join... Alas. Real life, the general hurry, First Shaper Czibor and Taliesen's arrival - urgh...
boldfrontiers's avatar
Wonderful, thanks for using my stock and letting me know :)
Arlesienne's avatar
Nick, you know the grateful party is me :P. I know it's messy and quick and generally fugly, but it was quite fun.
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