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Ethnique: Candance

And the crowning of the series: Candance, a stunning Maasai character from Raiya. Are you too feeling a sudden urge to visit Kenya?
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Hello, I used your stock here Damisela negra acechada por un minotauro by EscribaRegio Thank you very much!
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I used your stock here Invocacion en el templo by EscribaRegio   Thank you very much!
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What an exciting surreal work! Bravo. Thank you for using my resources. I hope you had fun :).
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Thanks a lot. Wonderful stock
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Also, I've used Candance face here… Thanks! :nod:
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Fantastic news, good job! I hope you will like your T-shirt when it's printed :).
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Thanks for letting me use your stock.   Thanks for everything!
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No problem, my pleasure :). Very good, I really like it! The consistent colour pallette is a perfect choice. Thanks for using my stock renders!
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Thank you for your stock, I really Appreciate this. I've used your stock here:…
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Wow, good job! Thank you a lot for using my stocks :). The shadows must have been a pain to create, but you succeeded perfectly!
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Is this available for stock use? I've long to create an African piece, and this Kenyan beauty is perfect for the part. :-)
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Of course, this whole pack is intended for photomanipulations. I'd love to see what you can come up with! While by default, my stocks are for non-commercial use, we can surely discuss commercial too. It just needs some clarification. Have fun!

PS I'm going to make more ethnic characters. Is there anything that would interest you in particular? I have African men in works.
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Also, there are others I would like to see  as well. Such as American Indian models, in particular, central American Indians like the Aztecs! :-) These would be rare. Chinese and Japanese models/ warriors. In addition, regarding the dreadlocked models, it would be cool if they were warriors as well. Also I would like to see Biblical Israelite Nomad-like figures...These would also be rare and cool to see. Long beards, Tawny skinned and etc...Ethiopian Figures, Turkish figures, and Algerian Figures! :-) Also Indian figures, such as the Tamils of Tamil Nadu, India! :-) these would be rare as well. I would also like to make pieces would such models.  
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Let's see...

1. American Indian packs are being prepared for release. I'll try to get them done for you today. I've got Wachiwi (, but not Aiyana (, so we'd have to start by using Wachiwi. I hope to transfer morphs from M4 to Genesis (those are two different figures) to get a lovely American Indian guy to work with at some point.

2. The Aztecs would be cool. Too bad I have never seen a morph for them to start with. I will try to custom-dial some in my spare time. Do you have any reference images? Because that would help a lot!

3. Chinese and Japanese. Fortunately, those are easier to come across. I don't know if you're aware of that, but I have Xiao-Wen pack in my Ethnique line, who's a Japanese-Korean:

Ethnique: Xiao-Wen by Arlesienne

You can download her for free, of course. I will upload a teenage Chinese-Japanese character in some more historically-looking garments. As for warriors... Do you mean samurais, for instance? If so, please help me find some clothes that would fit and I'll take care of the morph. Hopefully you will come across some free ones; 3D is very pricey if you want to get something realistic :(. Master Chen HD would work wonders for sages, I think (…. I also saw Wicked Ikemen morphs (…, but I don't have them. Of other items that are Far East-influenced, I'm eyeing those:…………
...but I honestly don't know when - and if - I'll get them. So sorry... If you can help me find some free counterparts, we will start making more soon.

4. Regarding dreadlocks, I have some cool ones. Would you prefer men or women to wear their hair in dreadlocks? I happen to have some morphs that would look very good with them.

5. Ethiopian and Nubian characters would be delightful. I will try to render more of them, the problem is skins (most characters on the market are of Caucasian descent, ugh :(). I have a really dark one used here as a sample:

Meeka part 1 of 2 by Arlesienne

Would that skin fit?

6. Turkish and Algierian characters sound interesting as well. Frankly, any ethnicity interests me as a stocker. Please give me some references.

Lastly, my Ethnique series has characters from the following ethnicities so far:

- Arabian: Ethnique: Anjali by Arlesienne

- Japanese-Korean: Ethnique: Xiao-Wen by Arlesienne

- Indian: Ethnique: Nishta by Arlesienne

- Northern American Indian: <da:thumb id="446813698">

- Filipino: <da:thumb id="446815193">

- Irish: <da:thumb id="446817669">

- Hawaiian-Polynesian: <da:thumb id="446830726">

- Latin American-Italian: <da:thumb id="446818845">

There is also a fan tribute to Rhulana from Drakensang, but I guess you can also think of using her as a more Middle-Eastern character:

<da:thumb id="464952608">

Please, tell me as much as you can regarding what you're looking for. I strive to fill the niche of ethnic and non-skimpy character stocks. I also love making children and teens!

PS There are some vendors at DAZ who make stunning and varied characters:
- Raiya
- Vampyric-Saiyaness
- FWArt
- SickleYield
and on Rendo:
- P3DesignPromotions
- SickleYield
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Cool! Your renders are great! Unfortunately some of your external links were not working, but nice eye for the chinese items, I like them very much. I would love to make a martial arts piece using a monk some day! :-)

Also, yes as for your darker skin, that would be perfect for the Egypto-Nubian :-) Also, you could make them vary in skin tone. From the very dark model you have, to the beautiful Tawny indian woman render you've create - to make some of them have a tone like hers. And even some with like a dark brown and reddish undertone. 

Sure, i could send you some links to Aztec models and actors...I'll check google. I could also send you egypto-nubian images as well. :-) Precisely like the Egptians living in Aswan! :-)

Umm, lets see, what else, oh yea and for the drealocked warriors or models, they could both be male and female. It would be great to see this :-)

As for warriors, yes I meant like samurai warriors! :-) but unfortunately I do not even know where to began to look for such clothing. :-(
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I will do my best! I will use Wachiwi and Candance more, that's certain. I can also try to make some variations of skins so that they aren't only dark. We'll see how it goes... I have no delusions I can't get quality comparable to, say, this:…. While it is difficult to get a lighter tone tone without postworking the textures, I think it won't be impossible to make it darker. Need to try applying some dark shader. I'll remember about drealocks too.

I looked for Asian garments, but didn't come up with much... I found the following:…………………

Giving another thought regarding various dark skins, Aiyana by Sabby and FWArt is a really, really nice Indian ( And Vampyric-Saiyaness made a gorgeous Ziva: - "racially ambiguous" as she puts it ;). Unfortunately, I don't own either.
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Okay, first, I want to start being saying that I love the very first link and very last link model skin tones and textures, they are perfect! The very first model's Skin tone is in between light brown and dark brown which is perfect, like "candance" Skin tone. The very last model's skin texture is  much lighter skinned ethiopians, in which the model herself resembles ethiopian. The only thing she would need is darker eyes(lovely). As for the Asian references, those are fine, I like them a lot! I couldn't view FWArt's model, because the link didn't work for me, unfortunately.:-( But on a lighter note, you have the right ideas indeed! :-) I still have to send you those pose references I spoke of, for Neo in the Ausar pose. hmm, let me see if I could pull some up now, okay.:-)....

Here's 1… do you have that same head dress available? If not, the head dress we already discussed will be fine) :-)

Pose 2…

Pose 3: Also this pose would be very cool, but with him standing instead of sitting…

EthericDezigns's avatar
Indeed, indeed if for commercial use I will most definitely notify you before anything else. Thanks for your response and I appreciate you and your work, its great! Pieces that I am interested in seeing may be controversial to some, but however, I wish to find nubian-egypto models/ darker skinned much like the Kenyan beauty you created( male and female). These kind of pieces are hard to come across(sigh). However, I would love to see some of those created. Also maybe dreadlocked models (of European decent and african decent, I like them all!) :-)
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These are some really great selections you have in mind here. :-) I like them a lot.
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Too bad DAZ doesn't make giveaways often :P! They offer a selection of items that are free if you buy something else, but those are almost all the time props, not characters or clothes, not to mention hairstyles. Probably because the latter are more time-consuming to make.
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Most likely huh, 3-D rendering looks very time consuming. I am sure it takes you guys hours upon hours to complete characters and clothing and etc....
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To be honest... If you make stocks at least starting out of preset characters like Candance, not so much. Transparency in stocks is, personally, an important thing to me; the lack of background also speeds rendering up, because the software has less to calculate. Time it takes to render an image like this, 1000x2000 or 2000x1000, is several minutes, by average. Of course, the stuff you have in the scene changes that. The short curly haido Neo has in the first pack is fibermesh, which means it renders slowly. Hairstyles by Valea like the one Candance has render much quicker, because they are not created of single strands like fibermesh, but of layers - the look of strands is achieved with transparency maps (which I can't do, so while I make my own textures sometimes, I apply them over transparency maps shipped with the set :P). I am sure creating a model out of scratch takes a long time, but with prefabricates, so to say, it's not so difficult. Recreating an OC that has a set look is a different story. Custom-dialing characters out of morph dials too.
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