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Lady of Mists released! by Aarki
Mirror's Truth? by Aarki
Wenisha by Greta-Heron
Selene by Gwasanee
Sneak Peeks
Promotional Renders
Lady of Mists Hair - material zones overview by Aarki
01-21 by Mirana84
In the Mists by Elle-Arden
Lady of Mists Outfit - material zones overview by Aarki
Animals and Creatures
Acica Gargoyle by NapalmArsenal
Bioluminescence by NapalmArsenal
Arklight by NapalmArsenal
Dark Elf by Greta-Heron
Environments and Sceneries
The Soulful Solitude by Hera-of-Stockholm
Elbenheim: The New Antler Crown by Edheldil3D
Heaven / Between Me and the Sea by Greta-Heron
here I am by Gwasanee
Portrait Work
Priestess by Greta-Heron
Envy by Greta-Heron
Bliss by NapalmArsenal
Fire Lizards by NapalmArsenal
Work in Progress
Clarity by Aarki
Tutorials, Tips and Tricks
Geografting Tutorial by Aarki
Striga Outfit Tutorial - Using dForce by Aarki
Striga Outfit Tutorial - Hierarchical Pose Presets by Aarki
17-20 by Mirana84
Ridge High Heels Freebie by Aarki
Ridge Outfit Materials Freebie by Aarki
Shadowdancer Freebie by Aarki
Newly released and still on introductory discount at Renderosity!
You can get the Tulip Outfit and Shox's addon textures here:
Tulip Base Materials Overview
Tulip 3
Tulip 2
Tulip Base Outfit for G8F by RPublishing and Arki
Tulip 2
Tulip Base Outfit for G8F by RPublishing and Arki
Tulip Base Outfit for G8F by RPublishing and Arki
Promo for Tulip Dress
Tulip Base Outfit for G8F by RPublishing and Arki
The artistic renders were created by this amazing crew: Aarki, crender, mirana84, elle-arden, mirana84, gwasanee and Drakenborg.
More Journal Entries

Welcome to ArkWorks!

OK, a little breakdown of what is going on here and what sort of content we will show and accept in here:
The focus of this group lies on 3D content created by Arki and collaborating vendors.
ArkWorks was founded as a means to display all the renders which were created as promotional material for upcoming product releases. We wanted to show them off on one place and collect all the shiny renders.
Also, we want to share some of our tips and tricks of the mentioned products: how to use them, how to counter problems, etc. You can also use this group to comment and ask questions about the products used. Some of the topics discussed in here will also touch on things not related to Daz Studio. We can also deal with 3D modelling, Photoshop, etc.
So, what do you do if you want to show off your image in here and it's not promo art as mentioned above?
Of course we will accept your submissions, when you are using at least one product created by the mentioned vendor/collaborations. But the product must be clearly and prominently visible and not tucked away in a corner or under a rock. Ideally it would be the focal point or center piece of your render.

Group Rules
Since we are a young group in the progress of fleshing out, there are only a few rules in place right now.
These are so far:
Be kind to each other!
This is a group for artistic exchange, and we don't like bickering or aggressive behaviour.
3D renders are not exclusive to Daz Studio!
We accept submissions not only done with Daz Studio (be it Iray or 3Delight), but also of other applications. Whatever works for you, and as long as it is recognizeable as a 3D render.
No explicit, violent or extreme content!
This applies to sexual, political, religious and otherwise extreme topics.
So, we do allow nude renders, but these should be tasteful and artistic!

So, what is happening in the different galleries?

A highlight collection of different gallery folders. These will change on a more or less regular basis.

Sneak Peeks
A few small glimpses on upcoming releases. The artwork collection in that folder will change from time to time.

Promotional Renders
This gallery displays the promo artwork created specifically for a new product release.
Some of these promos have been used on the official store pages in the DAZ store.

Animals and Creatures
For all the images which are centered around non human protagonist.
For example: dogs, cats, aliens, cyborgs, dragons, a horde of petunias...

Environment and Sceneries
Renders focused on either landscapes, architecture, etc.
So this means the focus is not person or portrait based but rather deals with interior and exterior views of a certain motif.

Portrait Work
Renders in here can show a variety of character studies. Head shots, closeups or full representation of a single or multiple character can be submitted here.

Work in Progress
Everything unfinished, in the process of being tweaked goes in here.
Let us know what you are working on!

Tutorials, Tips and Tricks
For all the good tips which can make life so much easier.

Here you can find our product related free items.


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