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Rej can't just exist in the Classic age of Mega Man

He has to also be represented in the Battle Network era as well. Meet Rejectman.EXE, Netnavi programmed as a Quality Controller in charge of sorting defective products from assembly lines and collecting Bugfrags. But like any netnavi worth his 1s and 0s he is a skilled Net Battler and Virus Buster with his personal weapon the Reject Buster/Shield, an arm cannon that can either shoot energy discs as projectiles or as a large shield that can block and reflect attacks, it also makes a handy bounce pad as it "rejects" objects touching it. And of course his Net-Op supplies him with a collection of Battle Chips for additional fire power.


Notes: The Battle Netwrok series was where I really started off being a fan of Megaman, first with the anime NTWarrior than with the GBA games. Since then I've slowly grew fond of the rest of the series thanks to the Archie Comic books. While I'm not as big of a Blue Bomber fan as I am of the Blur Blur, I still felt like making my own Robot Master/Netnavi character, but could never think of an original idea. So for fun I decided to simply re-tool an existing character of mine Rej the Reject as one. Not sure where to take this from here with the other series like X, Zero or Star Force but time will tell. I do plan to commission someone to do a Cross Fusion of Rejectman with a human, so that'll be cool.

Rejectman.exe and Rej the Reject (C) of me :iconarkus0:
Megaman.exe and Mega Man franchise (C) of Capcom
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LOL I've been in a Battle Network mood lately too. I like how you work in Rej as a Navi who has a proper job and is not just used for Net Battling and Anti-Virus purposes. His fighting style seems like he'd have the Guard Chip built in essentially, and be more on the defensive side.

Any idea on who his Operator would be?

I've also lately been also playing this Battle Network spiritual successor called One Step From Eden. There was this one character in it named Reva whom I think Rej would have a fighting style similar to (at least the playable version of her in the game).
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No plans for his Operator yet. Also I kinda based his fighting style on what I used in BN3, I mostly used Elec/Shield style with the Reflect chip.
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Ah I see. I mostly used the Wood/Ground style with the Set Green Stage ability. But that does sound neat. Maybe you could also design a Megaman Double Soul/Navi Cross form of him? Probably Double Soul since RejectMan.EXE seems like a normal type.