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The hobbyproject the Doom of Sevarus Prime is growing, new gameingboards, new artworks, new tutorials and our campaignbook (free DPF) is also growing.
Follow us on facebook and youtube to be allways up to date about the Doom of Sevarus Prime

Here is a little insight into our youtubechannel.

Here you can see a preview page of our campaignbook.

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Below you see one of the gameingboards we built.

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Hello there !

Here you have an overview about the hobbyproject : the Doom of Sevarus Prime.

The project contains a campain, gameingboards, artworks, videos and much more ! So check out our projectpage and our youtube channel!

   - Facebook (english/german)
   - GW-Fanworld (german)
   - DakkDakka (english)

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THE DOOM OF SEVARUS PRIME - a Warhammer 40.000 project
  • Listening to: Dawn of War music
  • Reading: Imperial Armour 5-7
Welll hello there !

The team and I are working on a gigantic gamingboard, for our little campain, The Doom of Sevarus Prime.
There gonna be trences from FW, swamps, bridges and maybe even a big fortresswall.
It's gonna be a big thing, so if you wanna see whats coming to you, check out Facebook and GW-Fanowrld (it's a German forum, but the pictures are interesting anyways) or maybe meet us at Gamesday Germany !

Here the link to our projekts Facebook page.…

The link to GW-fanworld.…

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The Emperor protects ! !
  • Listening to: Preußens Gloria
  • Reading: Hammer of the Emperor
  • Watching: Family Guy