Seven Hour War Aftermath
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...well my first Half-Life related pic... enjoy!
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One thing people often make a mistake when making Seven Hour War related art is the inclusion of Combine Overwatch. The Overwatch were created after the war, using the remnants of the Earth's various militaries and brainwashing and doing various experiments upon them.

As for the actual invasion, I imagine that they likely just sent in thousands upon thousands of various synths (take the gunships, striders, and the synth crabs you see marching in the Citadel) with such overwhelming force that the already devastated planet couldn't put up too much effort in stopping them.

...Criticism aside though, an excellent picture with good use of smoke effects.
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Great Pic! :D

This is something I always wondered about:
What kind of massive and advanced army did the combine use in the 7 hour war? I mean, humanity had some pretty advanced weaponry as well through Black Mesa and the combines in HL2 are nothing but cannon fodder for Mr. Freeman :)
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Wow.... very good and how I would have imaged it....  now where is HL:3.... XD  Grate work
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