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Imperial Domination - Avenger Strike Fighter

Imperial Domination: Avenger Strike Fighters cutting down chaos bombers.

This picture was created for the Doom of Sevarus Prime, a unofficial warhammer 40.000 campaign, if you wanna know more about it check our projct page. [link]

PS: Special thanks to the guys from Forge World, they let us take some photos of the original models shown on the Forge World webside. Original model : [link]

Avenger Strike Fighter © Games-Workshop
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Can I get this in a poster?1
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I love the design of these things. Nice gritty battle scene.
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Great effects. Could have believed it was a physical model, hand painted. It has the depth that a lot of CGI lack.
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Thank you very mutch !
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Isn't it an antitank attacker?
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I love a well done blur effect.  Great job!
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Isn't the Avenger strike fighter suppose to specialize in ground-attacks against enemy armored vehicles and strategic installations? I thought aerial superiority missions would be the role of the Imperial Thunderbolt heavy fighters, or the Lightning interceptors...
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looks so awesome!
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currently listening to aces high [link] , and then i randomly click onto this, and it fits so perfectly

great image!
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Nice work, i like the motion and the focus here.
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amazing stuff! first I heard of the Avenger, sort of looks like a P-38 lightning
ARKURION's avatar
Thank you ! Well.. I accaully thin its more like a bf-110
Stormtrooper007's avatar
good call, the "Zestorer" - destroyer, in German
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if you say "destroyer" than say it right please ;) Zerstörer.
Stormtrooper007's avatar
oh touche! will do
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