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It was Cain's birthday, and his only wish was looming hugely before him. He wanted to take advantage of his day. Every day, her bottomless stomach hungered more. She would make the endless buffets nervous as she would devour most of the entrees, and still carrying out doggie bags. She would eat double than she normally would for breakfast. Eat three meals before lunch. It would be a full-on warpath of food that would pass between her full, pink lips before noon. She was even nibbling on something as she fell asleep. Soon, her belly took up most of the bed. Cain was now forced by her to sleep on top of her belly, like a kitty upon its expansive mass.

He turned his head side and side and noticed the large shadow she powerfully projected on him and the whole couch. The belly was now well bigger than the couch itself. His birthday desire had consisted of three parts. He wanted her to demolish their big screen television first. The government had offered him a nine-month contract that would pay him many sums of money, so he didn't care for its destruction. He was going to buy a bigger and better one. Now, he just wanted to see and sexually feel the power of her belly pathetically crumbling items in her path.

Secondly, he wanted her to completely smother him with its hugeness, and to destroy the couch he sat upon in pieces. So much belly upon him made the day to him. Finally, he wanted to be pinned against a wall as she feasted on the many cakes made for his birthday. Her selfishness making it so much better for him.
The third chapter is here. I'm really glad this is taking off. It's ignited a creative fire inside of me. :3 Once again, just $1. Click the link below:
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First Month -…
Second Month -…
Third Month - [You are here.]
Fourth Month -…
Fifth Month -…
Sixth Month -…
Seventh Month -…
Eighth Month [Part A] -…
Eighth Month [Part B] -…
Ninth Month -…

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