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It was a beautiful day in September. Fall had set in, and the leaves were just beginning to change their beautiful colors. It was quite a chilly day, and Cain swooped his scarf over the side of his shoulder. He made the exit to the big city of Chicago and could see the "Windy City" in all of its tall beauty. He had purchased an older model Ford van. Only the front and passenger seat remained. The rest of them had been ripped out to make room for the burgeoning, boulder of a belly that was Cassie's. He took a slight peek in the rear view mirror. Her big form taking up most of the sight. Her enormous belly was so wide, it was brushing the sides of the van easily. It was one of the reasons he had the seats taken out.

They were heading to the "8th Annual Pregnant Bikini Contest" that the great city held. Cassie had already made the crowds swoon at the sight of her ever growing belly at the local ones. She had, of course, advanced as one the finalists. He was absolutely sure that she would take the crown. They didn't really need the prize money, but he wanted to do this for various reasons. His attention to her belly hadn't been sufficient enough lately. She had always begged, or rather "ordered" him to take her out more often. With all eyes glued on her, he could tell she couldn't enough of it. He would whatever possible to please his Big Belly Queen. The name beginning to repeat in his mind.

Often he would black out, and find himself doing various, wild things for her belly. He would "come to" finding the room almost completely destroyed. He even had to precariously lie over why the neighbor's lawn furniture was suddenly destroyed. Her dark nature had become that of a sociopath, and he could honestly care less. The belly was everything to him, and nothing else mattered. With a few turns here and there, he had arrived at the club that being used as the staging area.
Cassie and Cain's continuing belly adventures. This time, they dare tackle the world of bikini contests. :3 I've been having a fun time writing this. You better too! Buy now, only $1:
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First Month -…
Second Month -…
Third Month -…
Fourth Month - [You are here.]
Fifth Month -…
Sixth Month -…
Seventh Month -…
Eighth Month [Part A] -…
Eighth Month [Part B] -…
Ninth Month -…

Purchase the full story here, for $5:
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