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Mass Effect 3: Movie Poster

By Arkis
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My second and final piece of art for the Bioware Fanart roundup. Tried to do an old style movie poster. Didn't quite nail it, but overall I'm pretty pleased.

Tried to get a sense of scale, and I realized how very much I hate painting landscapes. No textures were used, it's all painted. Blegh.

As always, comments and critiques make me feel warm and fuzzy! Thanks!

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This could almost be an official movie poster if there were a movie
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Very nicely well done. 
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Nothing new to add, but still gotta say it: AWESOME! :) That Reaper is so badass I gulped seeing it! Nice touch countering the big guy with (I suppose?) Shepard. Really like it. Faved!
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I really do like how you made the Reaper! Nice work on the poster.
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Okay all you artists out there. We are looking for a poster design for the 30th Anniversary of the release of The Lost Empire. The film will have a theatrical release and a substantial VOD and Blu-Ray release. Get some great exposure and have your name attached to this cinematic legend.....
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That coulda been the game cover! Very nice
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awesome *faints*
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two words my friend. Bad. Ass.
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Nice work on the reaper's windows and eyes
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I'm actually really worried that if a Mass Effect movie does see the light of day, that it will be an enormous let-down. I'm already disappointed that Shepard is going to be the male version of the character (there is no canonical version of the character, so I guess either way some portion fandom is bound to be upset by this choice).

Having said that, if Shepard must be male in the movie version, Tom Hardy is my personal dreamcasting choice for the role.
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Break The Cycle. EPIC :D

Take Earth Back. Meh, Lies.

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...Holy S**t that's EPIC!
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All… PAINTED~! I feel so sorry for your poor hand.
Also, I would totally watch this movie. Especially if I saw this poster for it. ^_^
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This must be done....litteraly
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Just amazing! I agree with Pakyul, "break the cycle is a much better tag line, great piece!
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I like "Break the Cycle" much better than "Take Earth Back." Also, this is awesome!
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one word...Epic.
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