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Kissiah and Xander have been working on a kind of Malibu Barbie BDSM Dungeon to go up on auction for charity (AIDS Interfaith Network and Bryan's House) at the upcoming Beyond Vanilla in Dallas.

The dungeon was kind of dark (well duh) and I offered to light it up a bit. At first, I thought of sculpting a chandelier, but then I had the idea to create masks to line the walls with eyes that glowed. The masks are supposed to be spooky and add to the whole BDSM dungeon atmosphere, but I am not sure if I confused 'spooky' with 'goofy.'

Anyway, there they are. I hope the auction goes well and lots of money goes to help people in need. I'll be posting close-ups later.

A generic 'angel' face mold, FIMO, acrylic paint, and lightbulbs (not shown.)

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I think they're neither spooky nor goofy - more like Kabuki. Armed with these, Shinto Barbie could mount a killer production of Faust.
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Well thank you. Shinto Barbie in Faust. Wicked! :)

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These are utterly cool! Love the colors & designs. Debil horns and 'stache make me smile. :D

Question: you said 'Malibu Barbie'. Are these teeny? What's the scale?
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Thank you. Yeah, the little Satan dude seems to get the most attention. :)

The masks are one and a half inches long. I don't know if that makes them teeny or not, but they are just the right size for Barbie. lol

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Woo, teeny. Even more impressive. You must possess a keen eye and steady hand.

Ever seen the Mask Room at Disney World's [now defunct] Adventurer's Club? That's what I was thinking when I saw your masks. :)