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Wanted to give new life to good ol' Itheni--just so that he wouldn't seem like a generic revenge villain.
Here's my little statement on Diversity in Comic Books.

It's fine.
you should not change previously established characters to make them let's, gay, or the opposite gender. If their race, sexuality, and gender confirmed and established--then keep it that way. If you want to make a NEW character however who is different than the character, then go right on ahead. Don't forget to make them interesting and entertaining characters so that they're not bland cardboard cutouts too.
Based on a Roleplay between me and my friends, Canon in Delta City lore

Delta City, June 20th, 2018

Delta City was under siege by Doctor Discord. His robots were attacking the entire city, incarcerating citizens. As the robots spread throughout the city, the heroes tried to stop them. The Crusaders, The Rejects, Night Patrol, and other heroes were fighting back. As they fought, a giant mech landed near City Hall. As Captain Quantam and Star Sentinel blasted away some robots, Quantam spotted the robot. " They don't stop coming-- " Star Sentinel grunted, before Quantam cut him off. " Wait! " Quantam pointed at the mech, Star Sentinel glancing over. " I think that's the source of the robots! " The two Silver Age heroes looked over at each other, nodding. " Get Valorman and let's move! " Quantam beckoned Valorman, who was lashing his chains on the robots. Valorman nodded, and they all flew to the mech. Quantam sent a blast at the mech, Star Sentinel throwing an energy harpoon. Eventually, other heroes took notice of the heroes fighting the giant mech and the heroes began to make their way to the mech. Valorman flew forward at full speed--aiming for the front of the mech with his fists in front of himself! The mech was hit right in the chest..but it wasn't enough! The mech whacked Valorman. He'd be flung back, completely eviscerating a street with the force of dragging on it, almost creating a crater. Star Sentinel's body lights up in white flames, flying forwards at incredible speeds, though zig-zagging. Firework flew over aside Star Sentinel, his fist charging up with fire.


Both of their attacks made a large dent in the mech's chest. Star Sentinel's white flames protected him from the impact, only taking slight damage. Captain Quantam sent blasts at the robot's head, trying to distract it. Every hero in the battle was now attacking the mech, slowly weakening it! Out of the mech's shoulders came missles for every hero trying to attack it. Most of them deflected or destroyed the missles, but some were hit. Biomorph and Wilderness were hit, being sent through a building. The mech got weaker, and it's chest panelling was ripped off! It's core was revealed to the heroes. " The core!.. " Quantam pointed. " Billy, ram it! " Valorman would wrap his chains around two poles like a slingshot--before letting go and launching into flight, bursting towards the core. As Exertion used his gravitational powers to make Valorman go faster, he shot through the core, as it bursted into flames! The powerless robot collapsed on City Hall, destroying it. After all that, the heroes gathered around in front of what..used to be..City Hall. The explosion causing things around it to burst into flames.

" ..Well. " Biomorph walked over, crossing his arms. " Either us or Discord are gonna be through the roof in property damage. Anyone here rich? " Biomorph looked back, and nobody raised their hand. That answered his question. Star Sentinel got up from some rubble, his suit torn up and darkened. Valorman would get on his knees, looking at the city hall in flames--bashing his fist on the floor on repeat. " FUCK--FUCK--FUCK! " Morphman stretched over, his giant hands picking up two destroyed pillars. " Biomorph over here has a point. I don't think people are gonna be happy that we literally DESTROYED CITY HALL! " Inisignia walked over to Morphman, replying to his statement. " It's not our fault that Doctor Discord sent a giant robot that almost destroyed the entire city. " Roll Call flew over. " I'll handle it, I'll handle it. " Roll Call began to put out the flames with a water dispenser in his suit. Hustler ran over. " SO! ...Discord's back? " Golden Ghost looks over the rubble. " Seems so. " He stated.

Captain Quantam helped Star Sentinel up, as Star Sentinel looked up at Quantam. " We should head back to base. " Captain Quantam looked back at him. " Yeah, but..there's a lot of people here. " He pointed out. " What does that mean? " Star Sentinel questioned. " We got every hero in Delta City here, Jas-- " Suddenly-- a loud yelling from a megaphone ringed in their ears, the words being shouted " HANDS UP, YOU'RE ALL SURROUNDED! " Star Sentinel looked around, confused. Morphman was also quite dazed. " Saywha-- " He turned back, seeing that Huntsman was being carried off in a shock collar by various men--..Police Officers! The Commissioner of Delta City and his police force had arrived, arresting all the heroes. " Wait, what the hell's going on here?! " GG looked around at all the heroes getting arrested. Insignia looked over at Critical. " Dylan, quickly. " Insignia said, Critical looked around at the officers. " Uhh..sorry, gotta dash. " Insignia swung his arm around Critical, and grappled to the nearest building...but the rest were surrounded. However, on a rooftop in the distance, Blind Seer and other figures stood there. " ..That's my boy. " Blind Seer ominously said.

The Commissioner yelled from his megaphone. " You think you're HEROES AFTER ALL THE DAMAGE YOU'VE CAUSED?! Despicable--you know how much property damage this is? How many are DEAD because of your reckless behavior?! " Firework retaliated. " AY, AY, AY, WAIT! Didn't Discord detain 'em or somethin', or am I just stupid? " As Firework yelled back at the Commissioner, people would emerge from the wreckage. It looks like Discord had pulled one last trick--civilian casualties. This was his plan all along, he wanted to get them to destroy the robot. To cause this much damage. Nightslice looked at the emerging people. " Wh--no! That's not possible-- " Nightslice, whilst speaking, is forced to the ground--and handcuffed like the others. As he's arrested, he starts swearing in Japanese. " God dammit! " Star Sentinel yells, before being detained. GG backed up. " Well, son of a bitch. I've been to jail once, not going bac---GAUUUUUGGHHH! " He was tased. " I'm placing you all under arrest. " The Commissioner announced, as they'd start to get dragged off. Any attempts to fight back were rendered null by beating and tazings, whoever had escaped was lucky. People like Artemis saw no point in fighting though, and went down quietly. Because that would just make things worse in the long run.

After all the heroes were arrested, they were dragged off in highly-advanced SWAT vans, the destroyed robot laying there.

[--NEXT: The Trial--]

Star Sentinel, Insignia, Blind Seer, Exertion, and Wilderness belong to DoskTheComicCreator
Valorman, The Rejects, and Huntsman belong to Dabukka
Artemis belongs to Blademaster9000
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