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The Punishment Bench

OMP!!! its not WALL-E!

yes its "Avatar the last airbender,"
I recently sat and watched all three books and become quickly obsessed with The Fire Nation School in episode "headband"

Where Aang disguises himself as someone from the fire-nation and accidentally enrolls in their school. I just really fell in love with the uniforms they wear and of course had to draw a pic...depicted another set of adventures that I am sure could have happend :D

*Now with a fic to go with it!! [link]
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Oh wow! You also love Avatar? AWESOME!!!
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I read your story and had to find the picture. :) Perfect. :D
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I loved those uniforms too and I think this was very possible to have occurred given the way the Fire Nation puts a firm focus on students and discipline.
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IS BEST EPISODE. You are highly perceptive person.

I speak with bad grammar. Please kill me not.
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flamy-O my good hotsman!
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lol. couldn't have said it better my self.
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Its ok young man, just bend ower ... I got sick humor specialy late at night! XD
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LOL!! well I do too HA HA HAA!
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What did Aang do?

also just curious do you take request?
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also I read the fic very cool and I liked the ending :D
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ohh me likes me likes X3
Arkham-Insanity's avatar
LOL hee hee oh that pleases me!
The-Red-Right-Hand's avatar
heheh id say he be a lucky boy ;D
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Cool! ^^ Finally we will have your hands messing up the Avatar world as well! :evillaugh:

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you know me I like to dabble
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8D Homfg you doing Avatar is to me like a dream come true!!!, that didn't sound weird did it? It's not meant to... XD I just think it's awesome when artists I admire start becoming obsessed with things I'm obsessed with!

(I'd only seen Wall-E once so all the Wall-E stuff was TOTALLY over my head... I missed seeing your work, though....)
Arkham-Insanity's avatar
Thanks...and I understand, My obessions come and go and I never know what will grab me....I always had a feeling I would become obsessed with Avatar if I ever got a chance to watch it....a few weekends ago I sat and watched all three books in a row...and well..that did it ;)
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I work the exact same way.... except very little has kept me thoroughly obsessed enough to go crazy drawing it... which makes me experience existential crises all the time, cuz I'm like "AUGH! WHAT SHOULD MY MIND BE DOING?!?!?!" XP

I was really really really into Avatar back when it was still airing new episodes, but the moment it was over, I just didn't feel compelled to draw any of it anymore....

Also, go on youtube and find "Avatar: The Abridged Series" XD It's pretty darn hilarious and good supplement to your newfound obsession.
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haha sweet. what if wang fire did that?

-"thats just what i like to hear..."
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