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Math Anxiety

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Published: March 9, 2010
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A mix of the episode "Daydreams and Nightmares" and "Heaband"
I loved that part in "Daydreams and Nightmares" where in his dream FireLord Ozai tells Aang that he has forgotten to study for his math test and laughs at him cruely. I of course had to draw Aang from the "heaband" episode being faced with a math test and the threat from the Math Teacher that the person with the lowest score will be sent to the punishment bench for discipline.....Aang has a bad feeling that he will be that person, since math was never his strongest subject.
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HatsuneMikuforlifeHobbyist Digital Artist
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FireNationPhoenixHobbyist Traditional Artist
poor aang, math is scary, is ozai his test proctor?
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I guess even the Avatar went through this, too!!! Hahaha :D Great idea! :D I especially love the "calculator!"
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ghostbuster2773Hobbyist General Artist
Homework: This is way to easy
Test: B+ :iconcloseenoughplz:
Exam: This makes no sense
Ask-MMD-Japan's avatar
((Oh no... I forgot my pants and my Math Test!! X3))
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nightcrawlerfan136Hobbyist General Artist
I'm good at math so I don't really have this problem.
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JpnGrl4everStudent Traditional Artist
I hate maths too! :P this is soo me ^^
Nalytia's avatar
NalytiaStudent General Artist
Don't you mean... MATH "AANG:ZIETY!?!? HAHAHAHAHAH, Yup. I'm a nerd
Azzie4's avatar
Azzie4Hobbyist General Artist
lol two of the best episodes in the series :'D great artwork
oftheTriforce's avatar
This picture reminded me why I love this show ^_^
gakusangi's avatar
This was a brilliant idea XD Was there ever a sequel or was it just a single piece for the laughs?
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Arkham-InsanityProfessional Traditional Artist
I diddnt do a lot of pictures of ang they are all here in this gallery [link]

but when I did draw him it was always with him during the episode with the firenation school ;)
gakusangi's avatar
I think he looks cutest at that point in the story, really :la: And you draw him so well, I just wish there was more of him around, especially in the instance of CP XD
Arkham-Insanity's avatar
Arkham-InsanityProfessional Traditional Artist
Thanks! yes I love him when he is trying to blend in with the fire-nation and I see so many situations where he could have gotten in real trouble ;)
I see the fire-nation as strong believers in discipline ;)
gakusangi's avatar
Yes, Aang doesn't really fit in there well with his light personality and adventurous spirit...and general naivety XD

Given the state poor Zuko is in, I'd imagine that's very much the case ^^;
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hmmm... dont you means "Math aangxiety?
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randomgirl1298Hobbyist General Artist
Gah! Someone already thought of it...
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tanglemask1Student General Artist
noo he forgot to study for the math test
but he remebered his pants
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katiakat999Student Traditional Artist
Ohmigod I laughed sooo hard in this episode! XDDD
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EspeonatureHobbyist General Artist
Hahaaaa! XD I love this arc! And your drawing is especially funny~

You know what would make it funnier? If you've played ATLA for the Wii, you should know about 'Focus Moves'.

Focus Move: MATH XDDD
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Hey Arkham,
I'm interested in including this comic for a new dA section of my website which is [link] . Let me know if I can put this up there with a link to your profile.
Arkham-Insanity's avatar
Arkham-InsanityProfessional Traditional Artist
YES that would be awesome!!! thanks :D
zev105's avatar
Its up now at [link]
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