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German Spies

OK may seem totally random but this is a super fast comic I did based off of Hima-Papa's latest Comic for the Christmas Event, where Germany and Prussia put on american uniforms during WW2 to do some spy work, you can see the original comic here [link]

and I of course had to draw them in the uniforms because ...well I just had to because they are the German Brothers and I LOVE them!...and then this crazy comic happened there you go!
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Who puts beer into soda..? xD
AskBlazettetheBlaze's avatar
Achja, das Klischee mit Deutschland und Bier^^
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That sounds about right for Gilbert
Amberbratz's avatar
this is why i love gilbert! XD
Yoshisa's avatar
*Dies on the floor laughing*
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HyperMedic's avatar
Im German actually ^^
HyperMedic's avatar
Can you speak a Bit german? Just curious ^^
xScorchRedragonx's avatar
Kindna new to the language
HyperMedic's avatar
i can help you a bit there probably ^^
xScorchRedragonx's avatar
T.. Thank chu! ^^ is there a way to contact ya?
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steam or g.mail
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There's a reason why they call it a SUGARY drink, Gilbert
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actually it is 'scheiße'
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Gilbert... not everything's about beer Bored
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For us germans it is >:D
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It's funny though, I'm part german and I don't drink... then again I'm not old enough too yet...
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:rofl: I loved that comic, and I love this one, too! XD
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