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Chibi Prussia Diaries -001-

I have recently gotten obsessed with Chibi Prussia and I have had several people mention how they would like to see him with Germania in a parental sort of way, obviously thats lil Germany in the highchair right before he becomes Holy Roman Empire, and that would be Prussia right before he becomes a Teutonic knight...see he is just practicing fighting ;)

Germania seems like a no nonsense sort as a parent, and really just dosnt put up with chibi foolishness. ;)

-002- [link]
-003- [link]
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-005- [link]
-006- [link]
-007- [link]
-008- [link]
-009- [link]
-010- [link]
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lol, Germany is like: "He saw what you did, idiot..." when Prussia tried to blame him. 
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Baby germany is so cute
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Hi! I want to know... ¿Can I traslate your work to the spanish and post in a Hetalia group in facebook? Obviously you as author and me as traslator. Thanks.
I love the Chibi Prussia Diaries
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:iconyotsubaplz:  Has he got a lying bug too?  
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in the German Middle Ages nobody spoke high German
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Ludwig's pokerface! XD
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What the fuck 
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I love how even as a baby Germany is already tired of his s*** XD
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I love the fact that Chibi Germany doesn't give a crap XD
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Haha. Poor Prussia. Lol at Germany's expression and Germania's ''Nice try.'' 
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Some how I'm not surprised that he was like that back then
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Germany, calm cool and colected even then.
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Poor Prussia but it still funnh though :D
And not a single fuck was given that day.
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Dusk and Spora are like that.
Dusk: *uses magic to bring the moon in too close*
Me: *glares at Dusk*
Spora: *is just sitting there*
Dusk: *panics and looks at Spora* "SPORA HOW COULD YOU?!?!"
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Baby Ludwig is like "wtf bruder"
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