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TranslucentTaskbar 1.2

Makes your taskbar translucent with blur behind it. Only works on Win10.


Added 2+ multi monitor support.Can not test it due to not having 2+ monitor,message me if you have any problems

Added an option for disabling blur. Adding AccentState=2 to [TranslucentTaskbar] will disable the blur effect.

Basic Plugin Setup:
Measure = Plugin

To disable Blur:

Measure = Plugin

Source code for the plugin :…


* Coming out of screen saver, skin gets broken and doesnt work until reloading. (Looking for a fix)
* after sleeping the PC and awaking it, skin gets broken and doesnt work until reloading.
* On multi-monitor setups, some people experienced their non-primary desktop taskbar reverts to original taskbar. I don't know the exact cause and I can't reproduce it on my PC. 
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i love it your work

ButterKing-28's avatar

Hello!!! I love this so much! 😄

But, is there a way to import/add the "TranslucentTaskbar 1.2" to Wallpaper Engine?

I know you can use it with it but not what I want to do.

Thanks for the help!


I'm new to this, how do I apply it?

when you download it you will have the option on the screen, or you can watch the tokyo desktop on youtube

I don't know if there was a new update or something, but now there is a very dim black outline on the taskbar. The transparency effect is good every where else, but now there is a very thin blackline going across the taskbar

I noticed the same line after upgrading to windows 11 so i think it's because of that.

It seemed to work fine before I updated to the latest version

JohnnyO22's avatar

Cool, Thanks😎

how to download 1.1

one and only transaprent taskbar skin

very nice thanks for sharing

this is insane bro cmon i never thought it was this good thanx to arkenthera

Спасибо. Всё работает!🥇

Blur doesn't work. It does work ONLY when I drag the taskbar around.

2nd taskbar on non-primary screen is not applied and is normal window one.Thank You! Rainbow Message


You have to go to Rainmeter settings, go to the "ini" in the transparent, choose settings, then you will have notepad, add the Accent command as listed in dsecirptoin

I updated rainmeter and now it won't work

i have a problem the task bar of windows still remains black pls fix!

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