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Much better than her current outfit. Anyone that likes her current outfit needs to have their heads examined.

YES!! The true Ms Marvel in all her glory. So much beauty, power and confidence rather than the Feminist SJW rubbish. 
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ha thank you my friend ^^

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Nice subtle changes to her second and most iconic costume. She has the physique to backup her hardened brawler mentality. 
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Someone should have version of her ripping out of the current version of her.. i wonder what contraversy that would stir?
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Marvelous art! The real Miss Marvel and not the SJW abomination Marvel is promoting now.
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Agreed. Anyone that likes the current Carol needs to have series medication.

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Oh~~ Miss Marvel~ Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart
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Carl Manvers.
Looking great. 
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I have to say I really miss this stunning costume.Thanks for featuring it:)
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Your missing the mask, the eyes are rather distracting. Also nice arm muscles(?)
More Grade A art ; on behalf of us viewers, we appreciate all of the effort you put into your art.
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Looove that pose! Great work :D
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Nice!  (My favorite of her outfits).

Love her build here!
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this was one of my fav's of her outfits <3
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Epic expression here, so cool! :D
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