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[Wallpaper] Pokemon Sword/Shield Starters

After every starter reveal, I've been making a desktop wallpaper of the trio. So here's one for Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble from Pokemon Sword and Shield!
Feel free to use this for personal use!
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I chose sobble

Im using this ^^

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What do you think of the completed Gen VIII games?

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im choosing sobble or scorbunny
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my gen 8 pokemon rank bar so far

best:sobble scorbunny obstagoon corviknight drednaw yamper

meh:alcremie wooloo morpeko grookey cramorant duraludon impidimp rolycoly gossifleur eldegoss polteageist zacian zamazenta

worst:galarian weezing

and what is your rank so far in here? let me know ;)
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Hey, I just wanted to fill you in that there are a lot stores in Poreč that sell this drawing on various items (of course also other artists). I just happened to remember that you drew it. They’re sold rather expensive.
I just thought it was good to the you :]
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Nicely done! Very inspiring!
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This is sooo cool! Could I use this as a background for a Pokèmon live reaction stream?
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Is it just me,  or does this remind me of the Powerpuff Girls episode ending screen?
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Hello guys and gals! Awesome to see everyone supporting and loving the artwork! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)

I'm doing a survey and was wondering if you guys could contribute, it's for my school presentation so it would help alot!

The presentation is "Autism and Video Games" and it's adding up statistics, the premise is basically "does autism cause us to be attracted to certain video games?"

If you guys wish to remain anonymous with your answers, just say and I won't include your username or avatar in the actual presentation.
On with the survey:

Do you have autism?

A: Yes
B: No
C: Haven't had a diagnostic checkup
D: Rather not say...
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i dont have autism but i do have adhd and i looooove video games

(sorry if it doesnt help but i thought id share anyway :D (Big Grin) ) 
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Yes and I love Video Games! 
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I've made it my wallpaper.
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I did it too, because of you! Thank you for the idea!
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Wario: Hmm I Choose You Fire Bunny

King Dedede: I Choose You Water Sobble

Grookey: *Sob* :cry: broken heart
King K Rool: Oops :o (Eek)  I am So Sorry Don't Cry Green Monkey  

Grookey: *Sniff* *Happy Hug* Heart  

King K Rool: ... HugI Choose You Green Monkey *Hug Grookey*

The End

Me: I Choose You Grookey
We just pretending like the trailer for the new pokemon didn't look bad, and that the quality of the pokemon designs have been steadily decreasing since gen 4?
Look AT Sobble  gotta Protect the Pure Boy 
Protect him by making him fight other innocent creatures for your own personal gain?
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They all look kinda ugly. I hope their evolutions are better...
And I really hope the Fire-type doesn't become another fighting type, literally (Blaziken, Infernape, Emboar) or figuratively (Incineroar).
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i rlly cant wait till the games out 
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