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February 17, 2015
[Wallpaper] Generation 3 by arkeis-pokemon is an outstanding tribute to the latest Pokemon additions! Full-view is an absolute must!
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[Wallpaper] Generation 3

Finally finished with this!
For the upcoming release of ORAS, featuring all Generation Pokemon as well as the main legendary trio.
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Evodolka's avatar
this is GRAND :la:
merleks's avatar
i love gen 3 pokemon
Sagittarius09's avatar
D1000100's avatar
Looove it!!!! Hoenn ftw!!
AridiaPizarro's avatar
Wow, Incredible!  I love the way you did the pokemon in the background!
Camacaw's avatar
Wow, that's dedication for ya!
Such generation, much happy, very wow
Mizary-Roku's avatar
Hello, I want to take your photo for my blog. I want to make a publicity for you, is it ok?
Tuvieja1100's avatar
My favorite generation (my second favorite is gen 5) :D
melcatt's avatar
Puplovekid1114's avatar
Wow. Just wow. *gives standin ovation.*
AleJack's avatar
I love Hoenn and the starter Treecko
lydario's avatar
This is a fabulous and brilliant piece! So much forethought and planning must have gone into this! My only question revolves around cropping. Was there a reason that the full circle wasn't reveals, and you cropped it to be flat on the top and bottom? My mind automatically goes to "full circle" so I'm curious to know if there was a plan for that.
Phrasyon4000's avatar


And delta

Sagittarius09's avatar
♐️There was no Electric Yellow, nor Spirit Crystal, so I'm betting there won't be a Delta Emerald
Phrasyon4000's avatar
I bet some fans making fan cover
ExplodingRex2099's avatar
Howling-Heart's avatar
Stunning work :D
The colors are fantastic! This must have took a long time to do this.
AsheyF's avatar
my favorite generation-the one that got me hooked on pokemon 
amazing job with this
Epicness110's avatar
sho fabrures  :iloveit: +fav 
EclipseWolf11's avatar
Amazing work. I just adore the detail in this work. Also love rayquaza he looks amazing just wonderful. Its funny how his the only pokemon with mega evolution of who had the thought xD of eating his own mega stone. Instead of having him use it as an item like the others. Its just funny the thought.
that-amazing-girl's avatar
Kyogre sempai aaaaaaaaa
MrBlue1989's avatar
THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW..JUST WOW!!
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