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Name: Lucian Andor
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Timezone: 1600's
Location: Vermillion City, Kanto

Friendly, courteous, and slightly eccentric, Lucian generally looks at the bright side of things since he's never experienced any real hardships or despair. He's an adaptable person who adjusts well to new situations, which is an important quality to have as an actor. Besides theater, he is also interested in most creative pursuits such as drawing, painting, or writing although he wouldn't consider himself skilled in those subjects. 

Lucian is devoted trainer who cares for his Pokemon greatly. But he does not have much battling experience since his Pokemon were trained for show business. He values Pokemon more for their appearance rather than their fighting prowess.

Brief History:
Born and raised at the lavish Andor estate near Vermillion City, Lucian has enjoyed a typical aristocratic lifestyle. He grew up in a time period where art, music, poetry, and theater flourished. When he was young, he would go the the theater at least once per month to watch the performances. He became captivated by the costumes, the songs, and the sets, and wanted to put on his own show when he grew up. He read as many books as he could on the subject and even hired a tutor who could teach him how to act.

He put on his first performance at the age of 16 in front of his friends and family. Unfortunately a combination of stage fright and inexperience made his show mediocre at best. His father though this hobby was a waste of time, but his mother encouraged him to keep practicing. But no matter how much he practiced, he was never quite satisfied. He realized he needed something that made him stand out. So he started training Pokemon to be used in his performances. It was a novel idea. Although Pokemon have been used in shows before, they were limited to to performing tricks at circuses and have never been used as actors on stage.

Lucian's first show with his Pokemon was a massive hit that drew in a crowd from all over the city. His Pokemon were able to use their moves to not only add special effects to the show, but also change the actual stage in order to enhance the atmosphere. Afterwards, Lucian and his team of Pokemon became known as Troupe de Lucian. News spread of Troupe de Lucian's dazzling performances and soon other people began using their own Pokemon in their plays. The use of Pokemon and trainer performing together would soon give birth to the modern day concept of Pokemon Contests.

:pokeball: POKEMON INFO :pokeball:

Ophelia | Vivillon | Female | Compoundeyes
Quiver Dance | Hurricane | Psybeam | Light Screen
Size: 4 ft wingspan
Personality: A curious Pokemon who enjoys flying around and interacting with others. Ophelia has a bit of a competitive spirit and will often engage in aerial races with other Flying-types.
Brief History: As Vivillon are Lucian's favorite Bug-types, he has made an effort to collect as many patterns as he could. The Elegant pattern particularly stood out and so Ophelia became a member of his performing team.
Performance Routine: Usually starts with a Quiver Dance that becomes more and more intense over time. Then she sets up a bright force field with Light Screen and fires a Psybeam at it. The Light Screen disperses the multicolored beam all over the stage. Hurricane is sometimes used to create a special effect for storms and other times used with Juliet's Fairy Wind or Miranda's Twister for a dazzling wind performance.

Katherina | Swanna | Female | Hydration
Rain Dance | Featherdance | Bubblebeam | Air Cutter
Size: 4 ft tall with a 7 ft wingspan
Personality: Don't let her elegant appearance fool you, Katherina can be very aggressive to strangers. Her beak and wings can be dangerous weapons to anyone who gets too close. Only Lucian can handle her without being attacked.
Brief History: Katherina was one of the many Swanna that lived near the pond on Andor estate. Lucian was quite taken with how energetic Katherina seemed compared to the other Swanna and so she became a part of his troupe.
Performance Routine: Rain Dance is used whenever the script calls for rain. Other wise, Katherina opens with a shower of white feathers, uses Bubblebeam to create a bunch of sparkling bubbles, and pops them all using Air Cutter.

Juliet | Spritzee| Female | Healer
Fairy Wind | Misty Terrain | Aromatherapy | Dazzling Gleam
Size: 6 inches tall, smaller than average
Personality: Shy and easily frightened by anything larger than her, she often takes cover under the feather of Lucian's hat.
Brief History: Currently the youngest member of Troupe de Lucian, Juliet is less than half a year old since hatching from her egg, but she is an amazingly quick learner.
Performance Routine: Sets the stage with Misty Terrain, which may be accompanied by Aromatherapy to add a pleasant scent. Fairy Wind and Dazzling Gleam can be used separately or together to create a magical sight.

Titania | Sylveon | Female | Cute Charm
Moonblast | Swift | Double Team | Flash
Size: 3'5" from head to tail
Personality: Titania is spoiled even more so than Lucian's other Pokemon. When she's not performing, she's usually sleeping, eating, or grooming herself.
Brief History: Lucian found a shiny Eevee being sold at the town auctionhouse. She was obviously malnourished, so he bid the highest price and took her back to the estate. From there, Titania quickly grew accustomed to the life of luxury. Since she is a major attraction due to her shiny coloration, Lucian is always making sure she is in top condition. 
Performance Routine: Uses Double Team to create duplicates of herself, then uses Flash to make the copies glow brilliantly. From there, she releases a stream of golden stars with Swift and finishes off with a powerful Moonblast.

Miranda | Milotic | Female | Marvel Scale
Aqua Ring | Twister | Surf | Captivate
Size: Almost 21 feet long
Personality: When she is off stage, Miranda is calm and quiet. But when she is performing, she becomes a totally different Pokemon altogether. Full of energy and vibrance during any type of show, Miranda is a prime example of why Milotic are considered some of the most beautiful Pokemon in the world.
Brief History: Miranda was Lucian's first Pokemon and started life as a little Feebas. Lucian's mother used this to teach him a lesson that beauty can be found in unexpected places. When she evolved into Milotic, she became the star of Lucian's performances. People from across the region would come to watch Lucian and Miranda's aquatic theatrics.
Performance Routine: Usually starts off by combining Aqua Ring and Twister, creating a vortex of water and wind around herself. Surf adds even more water to the mix while Captivate releases hearts that add color to the show.
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