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I can post these three pictures I finished a while ago and still say they were uploaded in the same year they were made!
These were the three Pokemon that were requested by three of my followers from several months ago

Diance for HopelessRomantic1997
Shaymin for darobs64 (deactivated *shrugs*)
Absol for lilowoof 

Sorry they took such a long time and sorry I haven't posted anything else this year. But now that the new year is upon us, I've made it my resolution to post something at least once a month (now that I'm finished with the time-consuming task of finding a place to live)
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Omg these are so cute I draw pokemon alot aswell maybe we can do a colab is loooove to do one
StraightOuttaYT's avatar
Nice to see some love for Diancie
HarmonyBunny2021's avatar
I especially love Diancie here. :D Oh, and Shaymin & Absol are good too! C:
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These turned out fantastic! THanks and happy new year!
ArtOfRemedy's avatar
They look really good 🙈 I'm looking forward to seeing more art from you in the new year😊 Happy new Year!!🎉🎊🎆
LinEnd's avatar
AAAA ssoooo good
you are ab amazing artist
HopelessRomantic1997's avatar
That looks so beautiful ^^
Thanks for doing my request btw.
Happy New Year btw as well.
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