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Power Pair Tag Battle

For :iconpokemon-amie:

A 2 vs 2 tag battle is underway! This is a collaboration between me and :iconoff-sensive:

Unfazed by the type disadvantage, Richard the Empoleon shows off his Surf. Meanwhile, Laurel the Leavanny tries his hardest with Solarbeam.

On the other side, Geary the Manectric fires a ferocious Thunder. Lucia the Houndoom stays away from the water, but readies a Fire Fang.

Lines and Flats by off-sensive
Shading, Background, and Effects by me
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nice use of the surf wave creating a natural focal point of the solar beam! Cool battle as well

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Love the Houndoom!!!!
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You have great Talent!
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Cool love how ya make those effect :la:
Hi I love your picture and wanted to ask if it would be fine to use it for a facebook group I have created for sharing battle codes. Of course I will give you credit for the image.
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Amazingly done!
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Magnificent work!
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Sheesh! Awesome :D
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This is one o my favorite portrayals of Empoleon! This piece is Absol-lutely incredible!
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this is spectacular! beat THAT, gamefreak! I wish the battle graphics were this cool...
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Eeeeek! Empoleon looks soooo cool!
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This is amazing. I love battle scenes and this has an amazing background and magnificent light effects ♥
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Awesome!! So cool!!!
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Epic battle and art
Pelitwirl's avatar
Amazing! I love your work! :D
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That was AWESOME!!!!!!
ArmerSchwarzerKater's avatar
Wow, amazing work! The poses are very dynamic, and the coloring is so wonderful! Fantastic work, both of you! :D
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Afafafafafavavava :happybounce:
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Nice pokemon scene. Really cool.
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Wow, so dynamic and colourful!
Burning-Languages's avatar
I love this because it's so epic!
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