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Mega Hoenn Starters

Most of my recent works have been limited to Kalos Pokemon and I've been neglecting the other generations.  So here are Mega Sceptile, Blaziken, and Swampert.
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lol Sceptile and Blaziken look really fierce, while Swampert has this casual look like it could still kick ass while being lazy
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This is amazing!
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That is awesome!
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I love how Swampert is the most literal interpretation of mega evolution. They don't add any new design elements or visual flair, they literally just make him swole af.
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♐️I herd u liek Swampert 
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Awesome! I particularly like Mega Blaziken :D
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Wonderful art! I want to get that swampert!
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This is honestly amazing. The Mega Blaziken art is probably the best I've seen, and the other two look great as well. Fantastic job. :)
AlicornQueenSparkle's avatar
How do you mega evolve them?
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In the game, you give them a mega stone (example: for blaziken it would be called blazikenite) and when battling, press mega evolve. It only works for 3ds games, of course
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the game is going to be freaking awesome
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Simply the best :) I love them!
notitas Jun 14, 2014
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i'm gonna die??  :''D yay!!
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Wow!!!! Amazing!!!!
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omg i'm gonna die this is amazing
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Mega sceptile looks awesome but I normally start out with water type I don't know who to choose I'm probably gonna choose sceptile cause I want sapphire.
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Tell me which one I should pick!!!!! Please I'm confused!!!!
Can you make it your background
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Woah, it looks great :)
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