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ENDRUN - Vincent Andor

Another Application, this time for End Run.

Name: Vincent Andor
Age: 34
Height/Weight: 168 lbs / 6'0"
Hometown/Region: Vermillion City, Kanto
Military Faction: Air Force
Extra items: Gold Pocketwatch, Sterling Silverware


His refined gentlemanly appearance hides a not-so-glamorus interior. In public he will almost always act in a condescending sort of way where he tries to make it clear that he is superior to you. In private, he has a much shorter temper and may resort to fiery outbursts if things aren't done exactly the way he wants. Don't be surprised if he treats you like a servant rather than a fellow soldier.

He isn't an all around bad person though. His upper-class upbringing has taught him to always be honorable and to never cheat or resort to dubious means. He is always respectful to his superiors. He is also highly educated and quite intelligent. He knows a lot about geography, history, literature, and fine art. Unfortunately, he isn't likely to talk about any of these subjects with you unless you are also an upper-class aristocrat or have a high position in the military.

As a trainer, he has virtually no experience in handling Pokemon. Although he has encountered several Pokemon in his life, they are usually domesticated ones native to Kanto like Meowth or Growlithe, or exotic ones imported from other regions and kept in captivity like Chatot or Swanna. Still, being arrogant as he is, Vincent can surely tame any Pokemon given to him. After all, humans are clearly superior to Pokemon, right?

Vincent now has an eyepatch after he lost his monocle and his right eye during the prison break mission of Round 4.

Now with a brand new black jacket and red scarf to replace his old outfit which got ruined during his trek up Mt. Moon in Round 6's mission.


A member of one of the wealthiest families in Kanto, Vincent has lived a sheltered and pampered life from the moment he was born. The Andor family owns an old-fashioned country estate near Vermillion City, which back then was a just modest seaside town. With acres and acres of land, a lush garden, and a private lake, it's no wonder Vincent grew up to be such a spoiled brat.

Never having worked a day in his life, his daily activities include sipping tea and wine, deciding which of his several dozen suits to wear, attending garden parties, and sometimes travelling during the holidays. There's no need to do any real work like cooking and cleaning when you have a team of butlers and maids to do all that for you. He even had private tutors to give him a top-class education, meaning he never had to go to an actual school like normal boys and girls.

So why join the Kanto military?
Because Vincent's massive ego isn't simply content with having all the riches a man can want. Money can buy material possessions and possibly peace of mind, but Vincent wants something bigger. He wants to be a part of time itself. By climbing the ranks and becoming a military hero during the war, he can ensure that his name will be written in history books and remembered for future generations. His image will be immortalized in books, paintings, and statues. What a grand future that would be!
He set his eyes on the Air Force division because when flying in a plane, people will look up to him both literally and figuretively speaking. It's also because his knows the Hitchins, another wealthy family from Vermillion and their daughter Evelyn just happens to be the General of the Air Force (and shares a similar personality).

But for Vincent, who doesn't know much about life outside of upper class society, this experience will change him in ways he never expected...


Name: Arsène | Species: Ditto | Nature: Jolly | Ability: Imposter | Gender: Genderless
Vincent's first Pokemon isn't really what he say the least. He expected to get something like a Rufflet, who would evolve into a magnificent Braviary. Instead he got stuck with some pink blob.

Arsène is quite different from Vincent. It is optimistic and quite a bit of a jokester. It is never in its original gelatinous form for very long. It would rather copy the form of something else in the vicinity, usually a human. This has quickly gotten on Vincent's nerves. How dare a lowly Pokemon try to take the form of someone of such high status like him? Even worse is the fact that as a human, Arsène is capable of speech and will talk back to him. For Vincent, the gift of language is something that should only be reserved for humans. It's safe to say that these two aren't on the best of terms.

Name: Renoir | Species: Smeargle | Nature: Timid | Ability: Own Tempo | Gender: Male
The second Pokemon, another Normal-type. This Smeargle has been specially trained to be a multi-purpose tool of war. His three first moves are specifically meant to take out air, land, and sea forces. Smack Down to knock out planes, Spikes to ruin land vehicles, and Whirlpool to capsize ships.

However, Renoir is a pacifist and hates war. He had a lot of bad luck in his past and ended up as a military Pokemon against his will. He is frail both physically and emotionally. If you show him kindess, he'll cling to you like a child.

Name: Pythia | Species: Xatu | Nature: Serious | Ability: Magic Bounce | Gender: Female
Vincent's first Flying-type and fully evolved Pokemon. Because of this, Vincent favors her a little more than his previous two Pokemon. As a Psychic-type, Pythia can communicate with both humans and Pokemon telepatically. However, she also has some additional skills. She can see into the past of any living being so there's no keeping any secrets from her. She can also see into the future. However, this ability is very limited and her visions of the future are usually blurry or undecipherable.

As for her personality, Pythia is cold and logical. She never shows any emotion even when under stress. On a team like this where temperaments often clash, she is the voice of reason and her role will prove vital.
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He owns a legendary? Sweeeeeeet.