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Chris the Zorua

Chris is a spectacled Zorua who loves to read and write.
Chris is an OC who belongs to ChristheZorua. This is for his contest
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Great to see another zorua lover
Km92's avatar
Love the effects .:aww lover:. 
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Absolutely adorable! What is also a fun thing you knew as that Zorua and Zoroark are both prone to have human like behaviors as well as transforming into them. I'm most impressed with your use of shading in all of your pieces. I can't do shading to save my life! Love the use of the shiny palette, its really pops with the mono-chromatic background.
PurpleIllusion2341's avatar
I love your art. Zorua is one of the best shiny pokemon in my opinion, and the glasses make it look really cute.#570 Zorua 
RedstoneCyclone's avatar
"hmm what should I say now..."  very creative good job
TurbidMeteor's avatar
Friend I love your art is beautiful , you could help me with your watch?

XxDialgaxX's avatar
This is so cute! :3
MightyGiratina101's avatar
Shadow(my giratina): what you rightin?
fe-byy's avatar
your art is so adorable!!
LuigiFan00001's avatar
She looks like a cute little bookworm. Er… BookFox?
Fuumaru's avatar
glob this is so cute!
Procar's avatar
what a nerd, XD
Groudan383's avatar
Wow, it looks very cute an well done! Awesome job! :)
UnknownGuy10's avatar
iinfiniteme's avatar
It's brilliant! ;D
Z0RUAS's avatar
That's really neat!!
donatello15's avatar
This is absolutely amazing, I love it
MJMSTUDIOS2020's avatar
This looks great for my favorites list.
Chrysonice's avatar
Thank you for your entry. It's in the contest! :)
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