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I originally made the first attempt to paint gallifrey 1,5 years ago, but had never the enthusiasm to actually finish it - until now :D
I basically made everything new -  the clouds the mountains but the basic idea is still the same.


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Made with Photoshop
Art©~ Me 
Doctor Who© ~ BBC

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sweet sweet gallifrey =D really georgeous
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That is, without a doubt, utterly beautiful.  Nothing compares.  Nothing.
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aww, thanks so much!
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Wow! This is maybe one of my all-time favorite artworks about Gallifrey. I love it! :love:
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aw, thank you! glad you like it ♥
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i love this so much! I want you to know that someone took your image, flipped it and added their own watermark....…
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thank you! also big thanks for telling me (:
although I don't know how to do anything against this site. at least they're not selling anything..
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"Oh you shoulda seen that old planet.
The second sun would rise above the south and the Mountains would Shine.
The leaves on the trees were silver, and they caught the light in the morning would make the forest on fire.
And when the autumn came, it would breath right through the branches like stars."

-The Doctor (2007)
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that was such a wonderful quote~
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Gallifrey falls no more
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:) Utterly beautiful. 

Watching a Gallifrey that isn't burning makes me happy
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naww, thank you! ♥♥ 
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I love this image *.*
 Uhm, I know I should have asked beforehand, but I hope it's okay I used your image as the background for a drawing I created.
All credits have been given to you and if you wanna see the finished result you can see it here: [link]
Hope you like it ^^
Arkarti's avatar
thank you^^
well, you gave credit so it's fine with me :'D
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You're welcome :)
That's good, I totally forgot to ask permission first ^^ Well since it isn't my work I think it's only fair to give credit to the artist who did the original work :D
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Impressive! I think even The Doctor would be impressed.
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nawww, thank you very much! ♥
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Wow, this is incredible! Clap 
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