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adapt, evolve,

Final part from my hannibal-set 


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Made with photoshop
Art © ~ Me

hannibal © nbc 

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© 2014 - 2021 Arkarti
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I want to buy a print of this. Is there any possibility?

Edit: I found it :)
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ah glad to hear that (:
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I just realized that I can't buy it. : (
I can't use any of the payment methods. That cracks me up everytime...
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ow, that's a bummer D:
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I've seen a lot of fantastic Hannibal fan art, but your work stands out. Many times I have seen beautiful likenesses, but even so, they are somewhat flat and 2-dimensional - your characters have life, a spark, you've managed to capture a part of that special essence that makes them what they are. Kudos!! You are what the rest of us aspire to x
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nawww, thank you so much!! I really appreciate it ♥♥♥
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How did i miss this? I love Will Graham !!!
This is an excellent artwork !!
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same here! and thank you♥
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This is amazing. For some reason I really like what you did in the background, it almost looks like it's about to start bleeding but it's really subtle. I also like how the expression on Will's face is fierce, but the colors are more warm, like almost soft? It's a neat contrast. I just really really like this okay?? It's freaking awesome ^__^ <3
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nawww, thank you so much!! Glad you enjoy it that much :glomp: ♥♥♥
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wow this is incredible!!!
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thank you :hug:
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thank you! ♥
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I find it very interesting that the colouring on this piece is mostly browns compared to most of your Hannibal work which is done in blacks, greys, and reds (generally). It is not as dark as much of the rest, despite the blood and antlers alongside his expression. What I gather from this piece is not quite warmth, but more perhaps that his instability is his stability.

May I ask what your thoughts were when you created it?
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yeah, I'm wanted to do a different color scheme at least once which sticks out to the rest ;D
I think it was somewhere in s2 of hannibal when I did this. One of the first few episodes inspired me greatly, and when I stumbled upon the promo pics and that pose, which was already very powerful, this came to my mind (added blood, antlers etc. to increase it). I still wanted to give it something "warm" and not make it too clinical/cold so I chose rather brownish colors^^
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thank you!! ♥
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