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Hello everybody ! 

I know I haven't posted news in a very long time, it's because I'm a little uneasy talking about non-finished work, so I never could write...
Now Little Gods is about to launch, on  Tapastic on may 31st!

It will start with the black and white version of the chapter cover (color will come later, I'm sorry about the wait, I'm a little to busy this week !) and the first page !

Updates on sunday to start off, Maybe I'll change later ! I'll try to update a page per week, I'll see if I can stick to it.

I'm pretty excited to throw that comic to the face of the world and excited even more to see what you think of it !

I also want to say a very big thank you to my recent watchers, and to the forum Allfanarts, you all helped me a lot to make this project come true !
I am a little upset about myself because I couldn't do the work I wanted to do about my upcoming webcomic, Goupil & Albatros, before I was sucked by real life and school...I intended to at least have some pages steady to be uploaded, but I have none. I do have made some work but not all I wanted to...So I'm afraid the launch of my webcomic might be reported (again).

But this story will come to life I SWEAR !!!

In the meantime, have some charafiles of a few secondary characters in my gallery !

I'm sorry for not showing up lately, my computer screen died two weeks ago and the new one hasn't arrived yet. I have like a bajillion works to edit and I can't until its awaited arrival.

So, sorry, I'll be back from the dead one day !!!