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Deus Ex Human Revolution GB



Deus Ex Human Revolution mockup for this contest: [link]

I hope you like it! :)
Comments are appreciated!

Detailed description:

> Title/Menu Screen (on the left)

On the left there is the portrait of Adam Jensen, in the middle there is the game menu and in the background something abstract.

> In-game Screen (on the right)

In the top left corner you can notice the radar, the x is the enemy, the arrows are enemy out of radar range.
In the top right corner there are special abilities (soft run, invisibility, see throught, typhoon).
In the top middle there is the contestual menu: the player is near the enemy and you have this choice:
- Stun the enemy pressing A and B
- Kill the enemy pressing B
In the bottom left corner you can notice the health percentage and the battery charge.
Proceeding to the right there are:
- the current weapon (a rifle with silencer and laser scope)
- two values representing the ammunitions loaded and the ammunitions in the inventory
- the current granade type and the amount of them.

You can notice an exclamation mark: someone to the right (outside the screen area) noticed the player!

You can notice also weapons and blood on the floor where the player killed and carried away the corpse of some enemy.
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