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First real “artistic” piece I’ve produced in sometime – still a tad rusty, nevertheless, I’m amazed at how much I actually missed it.

After an extended break (laziness) from DA, I had a brief browse over some of the current stock - and admittedly fell in love with this photo [link]

Though, as always with popular stock, it’s hard to try make it unique, as you’re “competing” in a sense with so many other talented/gifted artists. So I do hope I’ve done it some justice (if only a minuscule amount).

Well, my rambling has gone on long enough.

Many thanks to;

Beautiful collection.

:iconresurgere: :icondholms:
What more is there to say. Awe inspiring art.

Some of the few stock images i've found myself re-using over and over again. Wonderful work.
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i love it man ^^
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good one, like it
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Great texture work as always, my friend. I especially like the hair and face mask blending. The Geigerish holes in her chest are maybe too circular, but it all works overall :)
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Thanks :). Tend to agree with you on the holes - got to the point though where if I didn't wrap up, i'd still be working on it today lol :P.
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long time man, good work.
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Hey mate :). Indeed, been far to long. How you doing these days?

And thanks for the fav - much appreciated :salute:
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Well done. That's really solid photomanipulation. You definitely got a load of skills there.

Thanks for using =resurgere :thumbsup:
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:) thanks - hard not to incorporate resurgere into my pics these days.
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beautiful... in fact, i think its one of your best.... good to take a break, isnt it? hehe
look forward to seeing more from you...
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Thank you :)

and indeed it is good to have a little break :P.

Spent the last two years doing the whole "graphic design" thing lol. It feels quite nice to make something for myself...after an extended break of artistic lazyness lol.
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lol, yep, does take it's toll at times...aaand I still am corporate whoring - sticking it out a few more months, then off to go do the whole travel thing lol.

In the end I guess it comes down to "happy and poor", "miserable and rich", "somewhat amused and comfortable".. lol I chose the latter.

Oh well :P
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the whole graphic thing? omg, that is tiring!! hehe
actually, i feel your pain... so you not corporate whoring now?
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its masterpiece bro!
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Thank you :). Good to hear from you mate.
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its so nice work friend :clap:
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