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Some of you know I suggested to make a little point and click adventure as my next Patreon project. I started with ideas for a game a few years ago. This month I refined them.

Summery of my thoughts: What makes my game awesome or unique? Beautiful art of course ;) A lovely story Adorable characters Educational quests (Example: you need to make glass, you learn what the ingredients are) and little puzzles Story and Goals: There is: a dragon with a huge heart a lost dog a fantastic fantasy World with cracks and a falling shadow.

You play a young female dragon. She should learn to hunt and kill, but she don’t want to kill. Because of that her father or teacher leave her alone on an island. On the other side there is the dog of an artist. (To make things easy my dog and me ;)) The male Dog sees a black shadow creature witch runs close my pictures. He runs after it but crash into the pictures. The digital tablet cracks, the watercolor painting tears. And the dog disappears trough the paintings in the fantasy world to the dragons. He has luck the young dragon don’t want to eat him. She will help him to go home. But through the cracks in the pictures magical stones were broken which protected the world and the island's dormant volcano is about to wake up. In Addition there is a mysterious black shadow falling over the world and manipulates the creatures on the island. The dog will help you and you can play him too. Together you put everything back in order. ^^ Characters: Dragon: happy and positiv can't kill helpful feels bad because of criticism that she can't catch and kill her own food, over time her self-esteem increases Dog: questions everything eloquent over reacting afraid of the new world, becomes braver over time Artstyle: To reinforce the impression of being in a painted fantasy world, I would use different art styles or techniques for different areas of the world. For example surrealistic digital with textures, watercolor, colored pencil, digital painted with brushstrokes. Similar games to which I orient myself: Deponia (I like the story telling, and fun) Myst (I like the puzzles) Feedback: What do you think? Do you thing different art styles are interesting or to much? Do you like the story and characters?

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This sounds like a fun project. I'd be very interested in seeing some visual concepts.

I enjoy games that are point-and-click, puzzle-oriented, have a compelling story and beautiful art. So this gets a thumbs up from me.