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The plan of barf and belch

By ArkaEdri
Which plan do barf and belch concoct this time?
I like the funny character of barf and belch. They are devious and a little bit crazy, but always prove good teamwork. Another foxy character is the terrible terror. So I thought it would be a nice dynamic duo or trio ;)
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I am glad you like it :)

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Aww, how sweet! :D Nice to see the duo-uno dragon getting some fanart, too.
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I've picked him/them because of the character/s. ^^
Glad you like it. :)
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:wow: this is SPECTACULAR!!! :wow: amazing pice! I love the details!!!!!! :D
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Thanks. To paint the details take a lot of time. I am glad you enjoy it 😊
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Great form and depth here. There's a lot of "fade-back" as things get farther away.

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Yes, the depth is very important in this scene to show the dimensions :D (Big Grin) 
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Wow, very nice.
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looks so cool, backgrund with it colours looks so magical
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Floss your teeth, Barf!
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They're fine as long as they do not get into a Mexican standoff.  (That's why these creatures usually have an odd number of heads.)
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Wow... the amount of details, this is love dedication at this level!! Fantastic work!! 
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Thanks, to paint the details take a lot of time. But I love it when there is a lot to discover in a picture.
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And it make your entry really unique that way compared to all the other ones
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Blue Thank You by KmyGraphic  very much for the +favClap   
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Cute and crazy ^^
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