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Magic of spring

By ArkaEdri
Our cherry blossoms inspired me to start this picture in spring. I finished it only in the summer ;)
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dlapastel's avatar
Nice work.  Even in thumbnail, this one grabbed my attention.
ArkaEdri's avatar
Thanks. I am happy you noticed this specific aspect.
dlapastel's avatar
Having a good thumbnail's definitely a must in the computer age.
wolfzol's avatar
Huhh. This something amazing. ^.^ Really beautiful artwork. Not just the colors, shapes, lights and realistic style, but the magic effect and theme, plus the dinamic effect. It contain, a kind of powerful effect what immedinatly touch/reach the viewer.

I also really love the fantasy and the reality mix. Or realistically paint the fantasy world. The contrast the rality and fantasy is always interesting and little bit funny too. :)
ArkaEdri's avatar
I am happy you like my creative-mix :D (Big Grin) 
wolfzol's avatar
My pleasure. :D THe creative mix is always good! (at least, if someone make good) ^.^
aerochus's avatar
Beautiful work...
Kordyne's avatar
Very beautiful, I love cherry blossoms :heart:
ArkaEdri's avatar
Yes they are great. I have a few trees in the garden. can't wait to see them bloom again.
Panartias's avatar
The details in this are simply stunning! :love:

Edit: It makes me a bit sad though, since our huge, old cherry tree fell victim to the draught in September 2018. 
It was all green - but as it tured out, it had a wet core. And this core dried out and so it split as struck by lightning because of inner tensions...
ArkaEdri's avatar
Thank you. :)

I am sorry about your tree. I can feel with you. I am always sad when one of the trees gets destroyed where I live. Some of them I know since I was little.
Panartias's avatar
Yeah - that tree was like a very old friend to me. It was already huge in my youth... it is in it's ful glory

...and here is the sad end...
ArkaEdri's avatar
Oh this reminds me of myself. The cherry tree here is bigger than the two story house and I often climb on the very top to pick the best ones.
Panartias's avatar
You climb trees? I love girls who do that! :blush:
Izzydrawsdragons's avatar
So beautiful! Also thanks for the llama badge :)
ArkaEdri's avatar
I am glad you like it 🙂
marijeberting's avatar
Magnificent work, and thanks for the llama
ArkaEdri's avatar
Thank you. I am glad you like my art too :happybounce: 
demihime's avatar

Beautiful composition~! There's such a wonderful motion and flow~!

ArkaEdri's avatar
Some kind of magic spring energy after the cold winter :D (Big Grin) 
untuox's avatar
Beautiful and tasteful!
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