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Please note the change of name; formerly arkadyrose, I'm now RoseGerard, as I have changed my name legally from Arkady Rose to Rose Arkady Gerard, taking my husband's surname (only 2.5 years after we married, but whatever!).
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Life has become exceedingly complicated as of late. I'm basically getting no time to just doodle and sketch for my own amusement; it seems that any spare time for art has to be dedicated to (hopefully) paying work - generally t-shirt designs for Redbubble and Spreadshirt. I'm squeezing in writing time whenever I can.

This is all because I've had to withdraw my youngest daughter from her school; she'll be 10 in a couple of weeks, has high-functioning autism - and has been the victim of bullying by the head teacher of her school who repeatedly goads my daughter into full-blown meltdowns or putting her into places/situations which will result in her having a meltdown due to sensory overload. She even did this right in front of my husband!

Anyway, we're putting in a formal grievance against her and transferring my daughter to a different school that has excellent ASD provision (in fact a friend of mine actually trained several members of staff there and has vouched for the school), and in the meantime I'm homeschooling my daughter. This is taking up all my time however, so there'll likely be even less art from me than usual.

People interested in following my fanfic can find all my work over on AO3. I can also be found on Me on Tumblr!
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Two sales on at the moment - on Redbubble, get 25% off Men's Classic Tee, Triblend Tee, Graphic Tee and Women's Fitted V-neck, Relaxed Fit and Fitted Scoop t-shirts when you use code LOVETEES at checkout. Offer valid untilMarch 16th  11:59pm PST (March 17th 7:59am GMT). 

On Spreadshirt, Get 20% off anything with a hood when you use code  HOODIEYAY at checkout. Offer valid until 20th March. 

Redbubble store

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As ever, if you like my work, consider sponsoring me on Patreon from only $1 a month - or buy me a coffee!

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I'm going to be at 9 Worlds (London, 12-14 August 2016) this year; I'll be on two panels - "Why Fan Art Matters" at 10am on Friday, and "Writing Queer Characters" (day/time TBC) as well as giving a 5-minute presentation on Fenris/Anders as a ship as part of "9 at Nine Worlds" from 6:45pm on the Friday. I'll also be helping out with "Weird Science", a crafting workshop for kids on the Sunday.
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I write fanfic. I write a lot of fanfic. I think it’s probably safe to say I’m pretty prolific. And I write it all for free; no-one pays me to write. I do it for the love of writing, love of the source material - and because my readers seem to like what I write and ask me to write more of it.

Likewise, I paint fanart because I love painting, and I love the fandoms that inspire my fanfic - and sometimes I put the two together. Again, I don’t make anything from the fanart - it’s something I just enjoy doing.

If you’ve enjoyed what I’ve written or painted, and would like to show your appreciation - maybe consider buying me a coffee? Think of it as leaving a tip or tossing a few coins in the hat of a street busker if you like what they’re playing. :-)

So if there’s a fic of mine you’ve really enjoyed (and you’re annoyed that you can only leave kudos once for a fic maybe?), consider tossing $3 into my virtual hat.

Buy Me a Coffee at
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