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Just Another Schoolday...

By arkady001
A Soldier from Waterloo Company (Scots Dragoon Guards and 4 Scots) attached to 52 Brigade, Iraqi Army, is passed by a group of giggling schoolgirls...

al-Basrah, Iraq, October, 2008
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Oct 29, 2008, 5:45:22 AM
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good job capturing how disjointed this war is, with civilians trying to live their normal lives in the middle of it all.

it's really too bad about all the trash... ;/
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nice moment, great captured
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Thanks...I've not been too busy of late, but things are getting better now and we'll be back to Afghanistan in October, so watch this space!
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I like how the girls and the soldier have just passed each other with basically no kind of reaction from one to the other, it doesn't look as though they've acknowledged that he's armed like he's just another person who they've walked past on their way to school. It's good to see though, that they're not afraid. Great shot. =)
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Great shot :)
is that considered graffiti on the wall in the background?
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I would think so...It says "Muqtada OK - USA No no no..."
mind-wide-shut's avatar
Hmmm... interesting...

Well, our graffiti is much better, ours is much more colorful ;P
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We could round up some tag artists and bring them over...brighten the place up a little and spread a little goodwill at the same time...
mind-wide-shut's avatar
I love your plan! Let's start making an op order for it ;P
arkady001's avatar
hahhaa cool...
levdir's avatar
I'm suddenly picturing some top-notch tagger tackling Arabic letterforms. Would be interesting.

Incidentally, Banksy and some of his crew did a series of hits on the Palestinian side of the Palestine-Israel wall.

This is a great shot. I really dig seeing these snippets of daily life in Iraq.
arkady001's avatar could be the Mahdi-Army
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Highly meaningful. Excellent photo, man. It captures not merely a moment, but it does evoke a deeper meaning in a single scene.
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They look so clean compared to everything else, this is pretty amazing.
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really do always thus? have military support to students? ,... I didnt imagine this ,, thats good ,
last question :have do open fire close there , same with students? ( they not show fear)
, your pic are great, good work
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Hmmm... I thought british forces weren't patrolling Basrah since a while ago =/
At least that's what the world press had announced earlier this year.
arkady001's avatar
We're not...specifically we're assisting the Iraqi Army when THEY go on patrol...we still manage to get out on the ground from time to time though...
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As always, a clash of bronze-age culture and modern technology. Burkas + Adidas shoes.

Great photo.
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studying in high pressure..

i hope someday this world is war again
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I think this is really powerful. Many parents (at least here in Australia) see their kids walking safely to school. You can't but help to superimpose them onto this photo...


Crop the left side of the photo in. Are the girls any safer?
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as they say, "life goes on"
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