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Ripley trilogy

By ArkadeBurt
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U know what - to make it easy for u, here's all 3 together as I intended!

will I do a Resurrection pinup? I have some scribbles, I might...I certainly don't hate the movie like some friends , but it is the weakest easily. I'm a big fan of Alien 3, but 4 does some interesting ...maybe.
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This is Amazing! Good work on this piece.
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im glad you are a fan of alien 3 it is seriously underrated and resurrection is alright, its a good bad flick and also the newborn is badass!
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I can see why people don't like Alien 3, but I really like it.
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I love these! Is there anywhere I can buy a print of these? :)
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That's pretty cool, nice artwork.
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That shadow on her chest, third panel.. I didn't even get it until a moment. That was tricky, felt like she had a chestburster :3
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While your take on the trilogy is phenomenal, I wish they had stopped at Aliens instead of cheating the mythology like with the Terminator films.
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Great :D The shadow on her chest in the third panel is a nice idea
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Yuss. Jonesy the cat is a nice touch. Faved.
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oh gosh ;w; these are so nice!
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Your work is amazing you should host it on Behance
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A must fav! Love these movies! 
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Just amazing, best saga ever!
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AAAAAA FINALLY. I saw this on tumblr and I've been looking for it here to fav. Holy shit what a quest. This is one of THE BEST Alien series fanarts I've ever seen. I don't track down things, ever, but goddamn I had to track down this. Epic work man, your style is great and I'm such a huge Alien fan, and a Sigourney fan too. The way you've drawn her is excellent, you nailed her character.

All the favs to you. :3
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ALIEN ***** Fucking awesome
ALIENS 3** meh
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Stunningly good! The likeness of Sigourney is great and the composition is brilliant for each piece. I love 3 too, but could take or leave 4. However I'd love to see your take on it anyway...
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hello, you are featured here [link]
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This is awesome! This shows pretty well how badass Ripley is and how she looks like in those three Alien movies. Good job :)
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As a big Alien franchise fan I really like this. It is striking with your use of color and layers.
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....aaaaaaaaaaaaaand watch.
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