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James Bond will Return...

All 6 of my Bond portraits

you can buy the prints here

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Could you please post this on This would make an awesome T-Shirt and you'll earn money! One of the best Bond artworks I've seen, thank you!
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Love are 007 Bonds, hope to draw them soon.
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SEAN :heart: :heart: :heart: I love these! And I like all Bond actors, especially Connery and Craig!
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Brilliant work really captures each era of the Bond Actors.
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i miss the times of our 90s James Bond...pierce brosnan.
donwhitt's avatar
Brilliantly executed.
TheKingOfKitties's avatar
Beautiful. Nice title, too.
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sadly. I only know 4 of them. besides, shouldn't it be in chronological order, because the upper right was before the upper left. 
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Sean Connery was the first bond
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they should do a movie where all the james bond are fighting one another. That would be awesome. my money is on pierce.
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Is he the first Blond Bond?
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one of these things is not like the other one one of these things just doesn't belong.
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They all look awesome
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beautifully done!!!
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This is so cool man! You could make a serie of outfits out of them!
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Man caught this on facebook I had to make myself present for such a Brilliant piece Wow! This is So going in my Dude Zone!!
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this is absolutely amazing!
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