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June 7, 2013
Mechanical Core Returns by *ark4n
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Mechanical Core Returns



An alternate version of Mechanical Core:

Made in Blender and GIMP.

Thanks for view, fave and comment.

Other wallpapers:

PS: A DD! Thanks ^_^
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I love mechanical themes, and this one is interesting. My issues with this piece:

A clock in the middle of where? A place where no one would see it, and even if they were able to see it, would have their view obstructed except by looking from one position at one angle.

Chains appear to hang vertically from the top down. This is where I imagine gravity to be. If we were to correct the camera angle, and look at the gears in the center top which would now appear on the ceiling, there is a chain running to the shaft of a pulley - horizontally, against gravity. Then you have the bicycle chain, rising up from the floor, against gravity, also connecting to the shaft of a pulley?

Maybe its a more abstract representation and I am bad at critiquing creative works. However, from an engineering perspective and one who observes the laws of gravity regularly, I can see room for improvement.