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Victory Day

It was best to wait a while to put this out, this was originally planned to be released on Victory Day last Friday.

 Those of you who have been here for a while know that the one thing more important than the artwork is the thought and context behind it. And with censorship and concerns over "sensitive media" being more common, the descriptions for the artwork have suffered to keep them "Safe". This applies to instagram way more than deviant art, but Instagram has been my main focus for awhile now anyway.

 In a way you could probably see this as a good thing,it's a much better world where language is a concern instead of the much more serious threats of the past. On the other hand this "correctness" you could say, is still getting out of control.

 Free speech is important folks, there is no debate about it. Now that doesn't mean that you should run around saying stupid stuff and condemning whole groups of people. It also doesn't mean that you go out of your way to gang up or "Cancel" someone who says something you don't like. 

 But when you shun and alienate people for their beliefs, no matter how different or stupid, then they'll just end up sitting in their echo chambers online regurgitating more nonsense, parroting more talking points, and never having their worldview debated by people who can challenge it.

Political discourse in a society is like the blood flowing in your body. It has to circulate around or else what is going to happen? It get's clogged right? And what happens when you have a clog in your arteries? 

You've probably also noticed this trend now in this weird form of, online revanchism? Where people are forming entire movements off their race, nationality and other weird stuff. It seems like it mostly started in 2014, but if you ask me a lot of this is just the result of social and political isolation (at least from my perspective here in the US, anyway).

And thus with many things we find the middle ground, we need free speech and opinions, as well ethics with some idea of what is okay and isn't.

So on a final note, do you really want to appreciate Victory Day and the generations who paved the way for the comforts you have today? Start with something simple. Be a little more open minded, and be a Citizen worth fighting for.
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I live in Pakistan, and I had always held respect for the USA for how they could handle their liberty.

But when i properly started browsing the internet past constantly watching Youtube videos (freaking 2016!), I suddenly found myself in a whole new world of knowledge; USA seemed to have gone mad to me all of a sudden. Cancel culture, feminists, 'diversity', and all that was everywhere. As i joined Discord and went on with life and the internet, i was stumped.

What had happened? It's like the USA had forgotten how to use and respect liberty. Abuse of liberty was rife, and it seems people had absolutely forgotten what respect and understanding was.

Today, looking where things have gone, honestly now I hold nothing but disappointment for USA. What was once a grand nation built on truly solid ideals, to me, had lost its footing. Like a modern nation, it was the fault of corporates. Like many nations in history, it was the fault of USA's own people.

At least thats what i think is going on.

I stand for and support people's respect of rights of speech, and understanding.

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Awesome art!

Just found your page just now

Keep up the good work

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Humans are a tribal bunch, we naturally want to find common interest and community. But when before we had to get along with our neighbors in order to survive and remain within a society, now we can skip over that and find that sense of belonging beyond neighborhoods and borders.

Don't get me wrong, that can be amazing for stuff like arts and entertainment and other fun stuff, finding others who share mutual interests that you'd never find otherwise, be able to share and enjoy the creations and company of others. But where there's a yin there's a yang.

And nothing unites a group easier than to be against other groups.
Arjay-the-Lionheart's avatar

Big emphasis on the last part. Here in the states there's this trend of people getting all emotional and knowing more about what they're campaigning against than what they're campaigning for.

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something to consider:

and a (counter)point of view to it:

Arjay-the-Lionheart's avatar

I'm not the biggest fan of George Friedman, but I do miss Brain4breakfast.

I'm aware of what they talked about in these videos and nothing is ever black and white, but these online ethno-nationalists are a different breed that I can't take seriously.

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Free speech (sigh) nothing is for free. There is always a price to remember.
Arjay-the-Lionheart's avatar

And a whole hell of a lot of people who want to take it away.

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the people are always so cute!
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Look at that girl in the middle, a bit roughed up, but she has come far and stands proud. Even got her two headlights left ...
Charming picture 

.. and meaningful message below.
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Though you may have the right to free speech, you are still responsible for your say and its content.  Such can not be said for what's going on in Washington.  Some people may think that being in a elevated position makes it okay to spout such dribble with no rhyme, reason or authenticity.  But being in that high-most position makes you more vulnerable for what would, and will, be coming down the pike. 
Arjay-the-Lionheart's avatar

Absolutely, you got a lot of folks out here who need the good ole "soap in your mouth" treatment.

cullyferg2010's avatar
As well as a swift "boot in the ass'!
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Here in Britain despite the virus we still managed to be united and celebrate VE Day. Everyone agrees that the BBC special was really spectacular and emotional.

Arjay-the-Lionheart's avatar

Hell yeah, you up for an ANZAC post btw?

DisconnectedLAIN's avatar

Of course man! I've got a lot of respect for our Aussies and Kiwis

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Great pic. Amazing detales.
TimMcJimFromPL's avatar
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i can't believe that ww2 was one by the allies and not by GLORIOUS BOB SEMPLE TANK EMPIRE!
Arjay-the-Lionheart's avatar

I wouldn't mind a feature film around the Bob Semple, tbh

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also let' not forget the time where the allies massacred emus...
oh wait that doesn't count, cuz they aren't humans lol (technically)
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