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The Panther

Another drawing from last year making its way on to Deviant art. I had a couple of "interesting" folks in my DM insisting that I was wrong about being critical of the tank, that I was being too harsh for it, not understanding its practicality and all that stuff. I Actually did give a completely honest and fair look at the Panther.

If you're looking for the original description, its here…

But to some it up the panther was......alright.

For some odd reason German tanks, especially the late war ones, have this large echo chamber pumping out false hype.

If you want a REAL man's vehicle, The L3/33 is all you need.

The angle chosen for this was a homage to the first panther. 
The Panther by Arjay-the-Lionheart
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"If you want a REAL man's vehicle, The L3/33 is all you need."

Saluti, fratello mio!

Did you get the inspiration for the Panther from the Tamiya kit (G Late Version)? The direction it faces reminds me of the box art of the kit. :D
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Hans, the tank ist kaput

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After the Germans got their collective asses kicked in Russia, this puppy was the result of that experience.  Always loved this tank when I first saw it, until I came across the Panzer IV.  
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Gosh I just love the way you draw vehicles!
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I love the Panther.
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The lucky dogs who got tank #420.
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Oddball - Kellys Heroes"Our favourite number, we had to capture it." 

Awesome picture! For me, the Panther was okay. Though I think the Jagdpanther was better as it “fixed” some of the problems of the Panther such as the drivetrain, correct me if I’m wrong.

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Now that you mentioned it, it looks like we'll have to do a drawing for the Jagdpanther on this topic ;)
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It was an improvement except it was a non turret tank. Specially a tank destroyer.
Easily flanked by the quicker and smaller far more numerous allied tanks.
Again it was too little too late.
But they did improve the chassis and fix electrical bugs the early Panther suffered from.

It is one of my fav tanks along with the Jadgtiger.
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Kanyiko called it.
The Panther looked awesome, great gun, terribly under powered, overly complicated to easily repair.
Again this pointed out the Nazi problem of productivity.
Rather than unified construction on a singular type there was a huge battle between builders seeking funding and materials which were running low. They learned their leaders were impressed with intimidation looks over practicality so they built and planned big monsters. They also had this habit of destroying a repairable tank rather than drag it off and either fix or scavenge the steel however German parts were not interchangeable as most all equipment was built by hand tooling. The standard German repair kit had case the part was too big you could file to fit.
I remember a captured Panther on display that was disabled by a round striking the metal right next to the drive sprocket which jammed the track. So the Panther was left there and the self destruct charge fizzled. The tank had I think less than 6 hours of operation time from deployment to loss. It had fired only two rounds.
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Great input as always friend! Its good to see that many people are aware of this, despite the heaps of misinfo flying around out there.
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The German tanks were feared mostly due to battle field rumors. I am not real sure but I believe more allied tanks were lost to anti tank guns and long range shots than close up battling. Allied initial tank tactics was the head on assault which made gunnery easy. Tactics were later changed to angle run ins forcing the gunner to adjust for lead which is difficult for an inexperienced gunner much less dealing with incoming fire. Lead shots are hard even for the best trained since those were all normal computer augment for adjustment.
German gunnery optics was the best in the world but as the war dragged on the quality of the optics fell.
Crews became less and less trained due to losses and no time to adequately train.
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I say the Panther was a good idea that suffered from the execution and the background it came from, as well as not being the right idea for the time.
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That's another way to put it. On the bright side though, atleast we got some sick scale model kits out of it.
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Yeah. The biggest issue for the Panther was how long it could last mechanically though. The range the French found when testing it, good fucking God...
Hey Arjay, if you are open to requests, can you draw the M41 Walker Bulldog, but maybe under Japanese or German service?
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sure man why not, hit me up in the PMs
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Always love to see your stuff here, it's been way too long!

But yes, to some point the Panther has been overhyped - although not as badly as the Tiger and King Tiger, which is almost a case of making a Maus out of an Elefant.

Yes, the Panther had a decent gun with good penetration, a good frontal glacis that could stop most projectiles, and a good surface area of the tracks that made it efficient on poor terrain; however what most of the Panzer Fanboy Legion seems all too willing to ignore was its horribly fragile transmission, its utterly complicated and overburdoned suspension, the even-thinner-than-a-Sherman's glacis flank armor that could be penetrated from close distance by anything with a calibre over 37 mm (and sometimes not even that).

Add to that a number of horrible design flaws, like the gun mantlet shot-trap that deflected shots through the top hull armor straight into some poorly placed ready-racks, or the horribly weak turret drive that tended to block if the tank was on anything but perfectly flat ground - and yes, she was nowhere near the invincible Panther that some take her for.
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Its good to be back pal, and you've summed it up well!
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Awesome! great work on the soldiers and the detail of the panther tank:)
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Ty, a lot of long nights were spent on this one!
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