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The American LVT-A1 (Landing Vehicle Tracked)

Gear up Marines, you’re going to need more than toilet paper if you plan on surviving Saipan!

 Today we have the LVT-(A)1, the version of the LVT(landing vehicle tracked) That sported a fancy 37mm gun( other versions had a 75mm). Not the strongest , but it was still helpful at clearing out the Japanese defenses overlooking the shore. You would have first seen these in action at Bougainville. 

 Previously on Tarawa LVTs were carrying supplies and reinforcements back and forth(not the version shown here). There was around 100  total, but by the end of the first day only around 30 were still operational. Most of the landing force had to rely on LCVPs (Higgins boats) and were unable to make it all the way to the beach forcing the Marines to swim through the reef, where those who were still alive at that point had often lost their gear.

 Tarawa proved the role of more rigged landing vehicles was crucial
, and because of this the amount of LVTs per battalion was increased from 100 to 300.

We'll be covering Saipan more later, but once the panic from this virus dies down and things start returning to normal, you should consider visiting the Island.
It's part of the northern Mariana Islands, so if you're a US national you wont need a passport to go. The place is littered with artifacts, tanks in the water, in the jungle, and even some in designated museums. There are a lot of gun emplacements, tunnels, and bunkers all free for you to explore.

You can check out the other parts of this post on instagram a long with a more grammar error ridden, nearly identical description!…
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Gotta use those old Stuart turrets since those tanks were being replaced by Shermans. The problem with Tarawa was that the tide was going out when the invasion began. And the Marines had to walk that last 100 yards over coral beds that were shredding their footgear.

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such a big target ^^" i recently learned that the LVTs had the highest loss rates due to it basically just being a APC, apparently even the type94 37mm cannon could penetrate its front. 
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Of course it's big so it can be buoyant , and it's armor may be thin as card board it's not supposed to face jap tanks (at least those without the M5 stuart turrets) it's supposed to carry troops, supplies and some jeeps to the beaches

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of course. ^^ and as a results their casualties are high and of course they would be, it makes sense.

but to be fair the LVT transports were only made to carry the troops or supplies, i dont think we can say that of the amtanks :,D its a good idea to have something that could support the troops but yeah ^^" if the worst Japanese tank guns can destroy you, you are not in a good vehicle.

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Looking at the flag and wondering if it's mocking words from the Japs all along the lines of, "Haha silly Mericans, we threw all TP down the long drops, good luck with that!"

"THIS AIN'T KANSAS!" snerk, would ruin the image but imagining a female marine in the group with red ruby slippers.

Nice piece of machinery, US learned well to use deflection angles on the front of their tanks. Looks robust.
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An armored landing craft. Once on shore a bunker busting little tank.
The Higgins boats were death traps.
Once the ramp fell you were in a metal lined box open to incoming fire.
Especially true of DDay.
But the Higgins could get over the coral reefs where these tank landing craft often times got stuck. Making them easy targets for artillery.
But the Japanese learned. Hide from the naval gunners. Let the Marines land.......then hit them clogging up the beach as first wave can’t get out of the way of the second wave. Engage close negating the naval fire power. It would hit our own men. 14 inch shells just explode.....they don’t care who gets killed.

That’s why I love those crazy Marines.
Take a crazy brave man to do a beach assault.
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I remember building an Airfix kit of a tank like this, a Buffalo, as a kid. It had an open back and came with a little jeep to go in it. Great looking design, although I don't know how successful they were. It also seemed a lot of vehicle just to get a jeep ashore, but loaded with troops it makes more sense.

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Yeah Airfix, always made British variants of U.S. equipment. IIRC, centrally mounted 20mm weapon instead of 50/30 cal mg. I think it was also the only way for the modeler to get a jeep in their entire armor lineup in 1/76 for decades. When they finally made a jeep stand alone it was in 1/72 scale.

Love the M-5 turret on the LVTA1, nice art Arjay

LVT-1 in "Sands of Iwo Jima" 1949

Loved the money shot coming out of the LST in "The Pacific" 2010
SabretoothedWolf's avatar

Looked them up. You can still buy that kit. Goodness knows how bad the mouldings are now, I built mine 30+ years ago!

Also looked up "The Pacific" Great clip of them in use making a Beach Landing on Peleliu. Thanks for the tip-off.

Arjay definitely has a great drawing style and deserves all the praise and recognition he receives!

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Yeah there were quite a lot of variants, some did carry jeeps

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Nice artwork. I remember this armored amphibian vehicle from War Thunder as one of the Tier 1 armored vehicles for the Americans.
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I've tried it out recently, not a bad game but I do think the devs make it too complicated in some areas.

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